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USDA/USFW North American Fauna Reports

United States Department of Agriculture/United States Fish and Wildlife Service

  • Nos. 1-4 (Preliminary Revision of the North America Pocket Mice, Descriptions of Two New Species and One Subspecies of Grasshopper Mouse, Results of a Biological Survey of the San Francisco Mountain Region and Desert of the Little Colorado in Arizona, Descriptions of 26 New Species of North American Mammals)

  • No. 5 (Results of a Biological Reconnaissance of South-Central Idaho)

  • No. 6 (not published)

  • No. 7 (Death Valley Expedition- a Biological Survey of Parts of California, Arizona, Nevada, and Utah)

  • Nos. 8-16 (Monographic Version of the Pocket Gophers, Shrews, Synopsis of the Weasels of North America, the Genera and Subgenera of Voles and Lemmings, Revision of North American Bats of the Family Vespertillionidae, Natural History of the Tres Marias Islands Mexico: General Account of the Islands with Reports on Mammals and Birds, Revision of the Jumping Mice of the Genus Zapus, Results of the Survey of Mount Shasta California)(No. 9 not published)

  • Nos. 17-22 (Revision of the American Voles of the Genus Microtus, Revision of the Pocket Mice of the Genus Perognathus, Results of a Biological Reconnoissance of the Yukon Region, Revision of the Skunks of the Genus Chincha [Mephitis], Natural History of the Queen Charlotte Islands British Columbia and Natural History of the Cook Inlet Region Alaska, Biological Investigation of the Hudson Bay Region)

  • No.23 (Index Generum Mammallum: A List of the Genera and Families of Mammals)

  • Nos. 24-26 (Biological Reconnaissance of the Base of the Alaska Peninsula, Biological Survey of Texas, Revision of the Skunks of the Genus Spilogale)

  • No.27 (Biological Investigation of the Athabaska-Mackenzie Region)- not scanned by BPL

  • Nos. 28-30 (Revision of the Mice of the American Genus Peromyscus, Rabbits of North America, Biological Investigations in Alaska and Yukon Region)

  • Nos. 31-36 (Revison of the Wood Rats of the Genus Neotoma, Systematic Synopsis of the Muskrats, Biological Survey of Colorado, Revision of the Spiny Pocket Mice (Genera Heteromya and Llomys), Life Zones and Crop Zones in New Mexico, Revision of the North American Harvest Mice (Genus Reithrodontomys))

  • Nos. 37-40

  • Nos. 41-48 (Review of the Grizzly and Big Brown Bears of North America (Genus Ursus) with Description of a New Genus Vetularetos, Life Zone Investigations in Wyoming, Rice Rats of North America (Genus Oryzomya), Revision of the North American Flying Squirrels, Biological Survey of Alabama, Biological Survey of the Pribilof Islands Alaska, Revision of the American Pikas (Genus Ochotona), Voles of the Genus Phehacomys)

  • Nos. 49-52 (Biological Survey of North Dakota, Revision of the American Lemming Mice (Genus Synaptomys), Taxonomic Review of the American Long-tailed Shrews (Genera Sorex and Microsorex), Revision of the American Chipmunks (Genera Tamias and Eutamias))

  • Nos. 53-55 (Mammals of New Mexico, Alaska-Yukon Caribou, Mammals and Life Zones of Oregon)

  • Nos. 56-57 (Revision of North American Ground Squirrels with a Classification of the North American Sciuridae, Atwaters Prairie Chicken- Its Life History and Management)

  • No. 57 (Atwaters Prairie Chicken)

  • No. 58 (The Habits, Food, and Economic Status of the Band-Tailed Pigeon)

  • No. 59 (Pocket Gophers (Genus Thomosys) of Arizona

  • No. 60 (Raccoons of North and Middle America)

  • No. 61 (Fauna of the Aleutian Islands and Alaska Peninsula)

  • No. 62 (Birds of Maryland and the District of Columbia)

  • Nos. 58-62

  • No. 63 (The Trumpeter Swan: Its History, Habitats, and Population in the United States)

  • No. 64 (Pelage and Surface Topography of the Northern Fur Seal)

  • Nos. 63-64

  • No. 65 (Seven New White-winged Doves from Mexico, Central America, and Southwestern United States)

  • No. 66 (Mammals of Maryland)

  • No. 67 (Natural History of the King Rail)

  • No. 69 (Natural History of the Swainson’s Warbler)

  • No. 71 (The Screech Owl: Its Life History and Population Ecology in Northern Ohio)

  • No. 72 (California Condor, 1966-76: A Look at its Past and Future)

  • No. 73 (Birds of the St. Croix River Valley, Minnesota and Wisconsin)