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How to find Historical Stock Prices using Mergent Online

by Melissa Andrews

With the April tax deadline fast approaching, Kirstein has been receiving a lot of phone calls and inquiries about how to find old stock prices. We have several sources, both print and electronically, that can help you find daily, weekly, or monthly stock averages.

Mergent Online  is one online resource available through the BPL that provides  in depth reports on over 30,000 public companies. Information that you can find about companies in Mergent Online includes financials from company SEC filings, annual reports (current and archived), institutional holdings,  executive biographies, company histories, equity reports, and news updates.

To find historical daily stock prices in Mergent (for the past 30 years) follow these steps:

1) From home or in the library, log into  Mergent Online from our list of electronic business resources.  You will need to have a library card with the Boston Public Library to use this resource from home.  If you don’t have a library card with the BPL, but are a resident of Massachusetts,  you can apply for an ecard to use our electronic resources remotely.

2) From the Mergent Homepage under Basic Search, type in the name of the company or the ticker symbol of the company you are researching in the Company Search box, and select the appropriate company from the list if there are several results.  Mergent includes prices for active and inactive stocks traded on the NYSE, NASDAQ, and OTC.

3)This will take you to a profile of the company, covering reports, news and recent transactions, executive profiles, company histories, etc, each of which is organized by a series of tabs on the top of the page. Click the Equity Pricing tab.


4) To find Open, High, Low and Closing prices, click on the Report link in the upper left hand corner of the Equity Pricing screen. Select time period if you are looking for all prices backward through a range of time, or enter a date range if you are looking for one price on a specific date.  Click the refresh button to see stock prices for the dates you entered, and the stocks open, high, low, close and volume prices will appear on the bottom of the screen.

After you have built your search, you have the option to download those results to Excel.

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