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Financial Historical News and Events

by gsmart

Try checking out the BPL at the Internet Archive when searching for historical news and events.

Did you know that in 1827 there was a feeling that railroads were an absurdity or that in 1858 after the wildest of rejoicing, the first telegraph cable between Europe and America stopped working and took eight years before service was restored?  And you thought your home wi-fi service was spotty!

You can read about these items and more in the Seventy-three years’ history of the Boston stock market, from January 1, 1798, to January 1, 1871.

Sample historical dates of interest regarding the Boston Stock Market:


America’s Historical Newspapers

Another great resource for finding historical news is via our America’s Historical Newspaper database. This collection  includes over 1,000 historical newspapers from all 50 states from 1690s-1922.

A sample search on “Boston Stock Market” brings up the following sample results from 1856:

When clicking on the “View Article” link, you will then be able to view the article in full format.  See example here.

Try your own search today!  Happy researching.



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