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Researching Socially Conscious Mutual Funds

by gsmart



Looking to invest your money in a socially conscious mutual fund?  Try running a screen using the Morningstar Investment Research Center.

Morningstar defines a socially conscious fund as:

“Any fund that invests according to non-economic guidelines. Such funds may make investments based on such issues as environmental responsibility, human rights, or religious views. A socially responsible fund may take a pro-active stance by selectively investing in, for example, environmentally-friendly companies, or firms with good employee relations. This group also includes funds that avoid investing in companies involved in promoting alcohol, tobacco, or gambling, or in the defense industry.”

To learn how to screen for these funds:

Select the Funds folder. From the Screener Box select:

Special Fund Types = Socially Conscious Fund, narrow further by screening on the Morningstar Analyst Rating  >= Bronze


From the list of funds, select the fund you would like to learn more about:


Select Fund Analysis to read the analyst overview:


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