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Finding Historical Stock Prices

Finding the price of a stock on a certain date in the past does not necessarily mean rifling through old copies of the Wall Street Journal (although we do keep 10 years worth). The Kirstein Business Library provides several more efficient resources for looking up historical stock prices:

  • Standard & Poor’s Daily Stock Price Record 1962-2010
    Provides daily volume, high, low, and closing prices for NYSE and AMEX stocks from 1962 to 2010 and for NASDAQ/OTC stocks since 1968.
  • Wall Street Journal
    Includes daily closing prices plus a range of highest and lowest prices for the past 52 weeks. Kirstein keeps 1 year. As of 1/4/2007 the WSJ will only carry prices for the largest 1500 stocks, and the top 500 mutual funds.
  • Commercial & Financial Chronicle/Bank & Quotation Record 1928-87  (microfilm)

Metro Boston Library Network and e-card members can search for daily stock prices in the library or remotley using the electronic databases below.

  • Mergent Online (Covers previous 30 years -current)
    Search by company name or ticker on the main page, and then click on the equity pricing tab once in the company profile page to find daily stock prices. Find splits and dividends in the Company Details tab under Capital Stock.  Includes active and inactive stocks. View our guide to using Mergent Online to find stock prices.
  • Standard & Poor’s NetAdvantage (Prices from 1984-current)
    Click on Daily Price Record on the top of the page.  Enter the company name or ticker in the search box and specify a time period. Includes active and inactive stocks, and a separate dividend search. This database is available for use only in Library.

Stock price information can also be found on the web. Click here for a list of favorite sites.

To obtain prices for years and stocks not listed in the above sources, there are other resources at Kirstein which do not report daily prices, but can usually quote a price reasonably close to the date you are searching for. These sources include:

  • Moody’s/Mergent . 1935- present
  • Standard & Poor’s Stock Guide. 1943-77 (quarterly issues only); 1978- present
  • Moody’s/Mergent Handbook of Common Stocks (NYSE). 1955- present [provides 7 years of annual price ranges]
  • Moody’s/Mergent Handbook of NASDAQ Stocks. 1981- present [provides 7 years of annual price ranges]
  • OTC Market Chronicle. 1969-89  (basement: row 8)
  • National Stock Summary. 1939-2003 present
  • Standard Stock Offerings. 1926-39

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