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Initial Public Offerings (IPOs)

In recent years, the number of companies “going public,” or selling stock to the public for the first time, has increased dramatically. Investors seeking to profit from these “IPOs” purchase new shares of stock soon after they are issued, hoping that their market value will increase in the near future.



Taulli, Tom. High-Profit IPO Strategies Finding Breakout IPOs for Investors and Traders.





Espinasse, Philippe. IPO a Global Guide




Investors Business Daily. Daily
This daily investment newspaper include a “New Issues” section that listsIPO filings soon to be priced, as well as listing prices of recent IPOs’.For each IPO it includes the offer date, high filing price, offer price,current price, industry group and lead underwriter.



Securities and Exchange Commission Guide to Initial Public Offerings

Search EDGAR (free access to over 20 million filings from public companies)