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Investment Information and Newsletters Currently Received

Mutual fund publications are listed in Red. Bond publications are listed in Blue.


Bank Rate Monitor
Barron’s (weekly)
Better Investing (montly)
Cabot Market Letter (semimonthly)
The Chartist (triweekly)
The Chartist Mutual Fund Letter (monthly)
Dow Theory Letters (triweekly)
DRIP Investor (monthly)
Fidelity Monitor & Insight (monthly)
Financial Times (London) (daily)
Forbes (biweekly)
Fortune (biweekly)
Futures (13 x a year)
Grant’s Interest Rate Observer (biweekly)
Independent Advisor for Vanguard Investors (monthly)
Institutional Investor (monthly)
Investech: Market Analyst (triweekly)
Investor’s Business Daily
Kiplinger Letter (weekly)
Kiplinger’s Personal Finance (monthly)
Kiplinger’s Retirement Report (monthly)
Mergent Bond Record (monthly)
Mergent’s Dividend Record (weekly)
Mergent’s Handbook of Common Stocks (quarterly)
Mergent’s Handbook of NASDAQ Stocks (quarterly)
Mergent Manuals (annual) formerly Moody’s;
Mergent Unit Investment Trusts Annual Payment Record
Money (monthly)
Moneyletter (biweekly)
any Moody’s titles: please see Mergent
Morningstar FundInvestor (monthly)
Morningstar DividendInvestor (monthly)
No-Load Fund Investor (monthly)
NoLoad Fund X (monthly)
Pensions & Investments (bimonthly)
S & P Analysts Handbook (annual)
S & P Bond Guide (monthly)
S & P Outlook (weekly)
S & P Security Owners Stock Guide (monthly)
Securities Research Company (SRC) Charts — Blue & Orange Books (quarterly)
Technical Analysis of Stocks & Commodities (monthly)
Timer Digest (18/yr.)
Value Line Investment Survey. Original Edition (weekly)
Value Line Investment Survey. Small & Mid-Cap Edition (weekly)
Wall Street Journal (daily) 1 yr. print
Wall Street Transcript (buweekly) Guide to Exchange Traded Funds (quarterly) Guide to Stock Mutual Funds (quarterly)