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Small Business Funding Resources

An often asked question at the Kirstein Business Library is “How do I find funding to start a small business?” The purpose of this guide is to list sources to research the various funding options. These sources are available at the Kirstein Business Library. You will also find a list of useful websites for small businesses.

Grant money to start a for-profit business is hard to find. It is more likely that you will find help in financing a small business start-up in the form of loans or advisory assistance.Another resource that patrons ask about is venture capital and angel investors.Venture capital is money that is invested in companies by professional venture capital firms. Venture capitalists prefer to invest in larger companies that they believe will generate a huge return on their investment. Angel investors are wealthy individuals, often successful businessmen, who provide capital to start or grow a business.The difficulty with angel investors is the time required to find an appropriate individual and establish a financial relationship.

The resources listed below will help you sort out the details and hopefully get you on your way to finding appropriate financial support for your venture.

Small Business Financing Bibliography













BusinessUSA -
Business USA is a portal for all resources at federal level dealing with business. This site has an extensive directory of resources for small business funding.

Accion USA
Accion USA is a nonprofit organization that provides business loans to self employed individuals whocannot get conventional loans due to the loan size, problems with their credit or lack of credit history. They provide access to loans and otherprofessional services and have a branch in Boston.

Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance
The Federal Government offers some funding assistance for small businesses in the form of loans and government contracts. These programs are listed at their website and in a print directory available at Kirstein.

The Myth of Free Government Money: A Perennial and Pernicious Scam
This Business Week article by Karen Kleins provides an overview of the types of scams that are directed at small business owners and what types of financing are actually available.

Service Corps of Retired Executives(SCORE)–
This national nonprofit organization consists of retired executives who offer free advice and counseling to small business owners. They are a resource partner with the SBA and are dedicated to “entrepreneur education” and to promoting the growth and support of small businesses nationwide. There is a SCORE branch in Boston.

Small Business Administration
The SBA offers a variety of loan programs to assist small business owners. In addition, they have set up Small Business Development Centers in each state, which typically provide business counseling services.

UMass Boston SBDC and Minority Business Center
The SBDC provides management counseling and business training to help entrepreneurs seek financing and improve the management and operations of their businesses.

Business Loan Funds –
A portal of small business loans from federal, state and local sources. Browse for loans on a state or county level.