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Ladies: Get extra support for your Small Biz from the Project Eve Community

Posted on January 24th, 2013 by adeangelis in Internet Resources, Kirstein Business Library

Hey Ladies,

Looking to network with other female entrepreneurs?  Look no further than Project Eve.



The Project Eve community prides itself on promoting female entrepreneurship through mentoring and communication rather than swinging around “sharp elbows.” The goal is to provide a a nurturing atmosphere, where ladies can get practical advice and access to resources for starting their own businesses.  The 1,000 members who call themselves Eves and have access to:

  • Mentors
  • Forums
  • Directories
  • Job listings
  • Events
  • Tailored groups
  • Guest bloggers

Other nifty stuff

Project Eve has a local Boston group too which has 20 members. With the number of women who come into Kirstein it should be so much higher! Check it out Ladies.

Remember Ladies, and Gentlemen too, if you need help with your business we host SCORE mentors every Friday from 10-1.  Call 617-859-2142 to make an appointment or ask one of the library staff.

We have a variety of other business programs too.  Our popular Getting Started in Business Program is coming up on Jan 29.

Cheers Dears!

Let’s make writing your business plan less arduous.

Posted on January 4th, 2013 by adeangelis in Kirstein Business Library

Writing a business plan can be frustrating. There is a lot of information to include which means there is a lot of information to forget.  We have assembled several resources to help you get started with your business plan, but sometimes you just need that extra leg up.

Enter Enloop — an online product to help you build a better business plan while assessing the viability of your idea.  Enloop’s product has been featured by MashableCNNMoney,  and many others.


Some cool features

While there is a free option, some of the more advanced tools are available if you if you purchase a premium account.  Enloop asks you a series of questions about your business idea and analyzes the answers to compute your Enloop Performance Score or EPS. The FICO-like score updates as you or collaborators adjust the plan.  Higher scores indicate the likelihood of success.

Moreover,  Enloop calls attention to weaknesses in your plan and gives you suggestions on how to correct them.  Enloop will also generate cash flow and profit and loss forecasts based on the information you supply.   And depending on which account type you use, Enloop will calculate up to 15 ratios so you can see how your idea stacks up against others in your industry.

Another convenient feature is Autowrite.  It will take all of the information you have entered and insert it into a business plan template.  The template is pretty flexible so you can add sections, create charts and graphs, and download it as a pdf.  Again some features will be limited depending on price.

Overall, Enloop is nifty tool to create a draft, especially if you are not sure how to phrase the language of your business plan.  The free account is very useful, but if you chose to subscribe to the service you can always cancel it later.

One last note

Remember, we have several programs geared at helping small businesses get started.  On Tuesday, January 29 we will be holding our very popular Getting Started in Business program.

Also we host SCORE mentors every Friday.  To make an appointment please call 617-859-2142 or just ask a librarian at the reference desk.


Get a boost with the SBA’s Learning Center and Youtube Channel

Posted on January 2nd, 2013 by adeangelis in Internet Resources

Do you need extra guidance in starting and managing your small business?

The Small Business Administration has taken the time to create several tutorials and videos on a wide variety of topics.


SBA  Learning Center



If you go the the SBA learning center page you can view a variety of courses for free on topics such as:

  • Disaster recovery
  • Government Contracting
  • Marketing
  • Business Technology
  • Introduction to Accounting
  • Loan preparation
  • And more

Each of the 29 courses is about a half hour long and is intended to give you the basics as well as to point out SBA programs that can help you. Users can toggle between the presentation outline and slide notes using the tabs in the pane on the left hand side. One note: they are presented using Flash so you can’t view them on any iOS devices, but you can view the text based versions as PDFs.


The Learning Center’s videos are also valuable.  Some videos are a great way of seeing how other small business owns came up with solutions to problems. If you go to the SBA’s Youtube account you can see more videos too. This video from their Youtube channel explains SBA issued  Loans:

Other videos include more niche topics such as:

  • Establishing an Online Presence
  • Team Building
  • Record Keeping
  • OSHA compliance

If you still need help please take advantage of our SCORE Business Fridays.  You can ask a librarian at the Kirstein reference desk or call 617-859-2142 to make an appointment.  Each appointment lasts an hour on Fridays between 10am and 1pm.