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Banking and Financial Services Resources on the Internet

American Bankers Association
The American Bankers Association was formed in 1875 and represents banks and other financial institutions. Its website includes links to statistical information as well as brief essays on various industry issues.

American Banker
This website produced by American Banker provides up to date news on the financial services industry and an online banking glossary. Access to most of the content on this site requires registration.

Bank Rate Monitor
This comprehensive website offers business news, consumer financial information, financial calculators, as well as daily and geographic interest rates for auto loans, CD’s, checking account, credit cards, IRA’s, money markets and mortgages.
International directory of banks, banking news, Central Banks and bank rankings.

Federal Reserve Bank of Boston
The Federal Reserve Bank of Boston contains extensive information on the banking and financial services industries in New England. It includes links to various publications, regulatory information, consumer news and economic research reports along with a variety of other information.

Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago: Research
This website includes the full text of white papers and public policy studies on the banking and financial services industry. Intended for academics.

FDIC Banking Review
“The FDIC Banking Review is a quarterly publication that provides original research on issues related to banking and deposit insurance” Each issue contains a summary of actions taken by bank regulatory agencies as well as relevant legislation by both the Federal and state governments.” The last five years are available online.

FDIC Statistics on Banking
The FDIC Statistics on Banking is a quarterly publication that is freely available online and provides detailed statistics on the banking industry. The information is based on FDIC insured institutions. Statistics are available on both structural and financial information. Data is available back until 1991.

Financial Services Factbook
This annual guidebook published by the Insurance Information Institute and the Financial Services Roundtable offers “information on trends in financial services with basic facts and figures.” It provides statistical information as well as introductory essays on personal savings, and the banking, insurance and securities sector.

Banking Institutions

FDIC: Bank Find
This online database maintained by the FDIC allows you to locate a single institution. I gives a history of the bank and can answer the question “What Happened to My Bank (Historical List of Events)?”

FDIC: Institution Directory
 This online database maintained by the FDIC allows you to locate FDIC insured institutions by name, certificate #, state and other criterion. You can create a list of banks by particular criterion and then download it.

National Information Center: Federal Reserve System
This site provides extensive information on domestic and foreign banking and financial institutions. It focuses on those institutions in which it has supervisory or regulatory interest. You can search for various institutions and although the amount of information for each company varies, it can include a brief history, their organizational hierarchy, as well as financial and performance reports. This site also has a ranking of the top 50 Bank Holding Companies.

Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation’s “mission is to maintain the stability of and public confidence in the nation’s financial system.” This website has extensive information on the banking industry including both current and historical statistics, an institution directory, and essays about historic banking crises and events.

Federal Reserve Board
 The Federal Reserve is the central bank of the United States, and their website includes extensive statistical information on the banking industry such as a list of minority owned banks and foreign banks in the United States, links to speeches before Congress, as well as regulatory information and research papers.

Domestic and Foreign Banks on the Web

European Central Bank
 The European Central Bank was established in 1998 and oversees the stability of the Euro system, the main currency for twelve European nations. Its website includes structural information about the ECB, links to the central banks of member nations, statistical information, as well as links to their publications.

Massachusetts Division of Banks:
Summary Information for State Chartered Banks and Credit Unions This website provides an alphabetical list of all the banks in Massachusetts. After choosing a bank, you can find out their address, phone, fax, certification number, a list of branches, names of directors and officers, as well as recent activity and financial information.

National Credit Union Administration
“The NCUA is an independent federal agency that supervises and insures approximately 6,000 federal credit unions and insures approximately 3,300 state-chartered credit unions.” On this website you can search for financial information on a specific credit union, or credit a list of credit unions with specific criteria.

Site By Site
 International Central Banks This website provides links to the central bank for various countries of the world. By clicking on the flag for each country, you can also find statistical information for that country, and links to other resources.

The World Bank Group
 The World Bank is owned by over 184 member countries, and seeks to “help developing countries fight poverty and establish economic growth that is stable, sustainable, and equitable.” Their website contains extensive information about the organization, economic development plans around the world and statistical information.