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East Boston Branch Portraits

by admin

Enjoy this collection of portraits and quotes featuring East Boston Branch library users assembled in celebration of the new branch.

“I love East Boston’s activism and its diversity.
We can make this new library a gathering place
for people of all cultures, where young and old
combine to make one community.” –Debra Cave


“The new East Boston Branch
epitomizes the opportunity
for the growth of this community.”
–Celeste Myers

“The library stands out and will be a new space
for the community to explore and experience.”
–Liz Nofziger


“Libraries are as important as they’ve ever been.
I’m thrilled to introduce the library to my
young sons and watch them explore
and grow in the new building.”
–Gretchen Schneider

“I’m excited to see what new books will be in the library;
fiction, nonfiction, I like them all!” –Kiely Hernandez


“I love libraries; I go to my branch every day.
A great thing about the library in my community
is that it’s diverse and everyone is invited.”
–Glenda Hernandez