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Central Library Renovation Reopening: Explore the BPL’s Digital Collections

by mschuler

AEB_2470Explore the Boston Public Library’s extensive digital collections using four new Digital Stacks. Maps, photographs, prints, and travel posters are just a few of the kinds of items that can be viewed through this interactive exploratory tool.

Meant to be used for discovery rather than as a reference tool, the digital content is sourced from the BPL’s collections on, which provides public access to the resources of cultural heritage organizations throughout Massachusetts. Users can search through the 150,000+ items in the Digital Stacks by creator, color, location, and subject. For example, a patron can zoom in on the town where he or she was born and find all the items in BPL’s collections that are geolocated to that place; they can then save the items to and access them later. New content is digitized and added to the Digital Stacks on a continuous basis, part of the BPL’s commitment to improving public access to special collections.

Located on either side of the Johnson building’s DeFerrari Hall, the Digital Stacks were designed by the Cambridge-based Small Design Firm.

6 Responses to “Central Library Renovation Reopening: Explore the BPL’s Digital Collections”

  1. Jae Picard says:

    Hello BPL Staff! Is there a walking tour with a staff member to explain the renovations?

    How about specific day of programming for teens at the renovation reopening?

    Best Wishes BPL Patrons and Staff!

  2. Cindy Thames says:

    I’ve very excited about the renovation and look forward to exploring.

    I’m wondering how “discovery” is different from a “reference tool?” Is there a way to drill down from the Digital Stacks for more items in the Digitalcommonweath collection?

    • BPL News says:

      Hello Cindy,

      The Digital Stacks are meant to be a discovery, or an exploratory, tool for our patrons to browse the collection in innovative ways. To conduct in-depth reference, it is best to visit, where the same material can be found. You can save items viewed on the Digital Stacks to your Digital Commonwealth account, however. In addition, library staff is happy to help you find whatever you are looking for!

  3. theszak says:

    Sound Archives?…