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Central Library Renovation Reopening: Investing in Our Digital Future

by mschuler

Digital ServicesWith the Central Library Renovation, Boston Public Library has expanded its commitment to digital services, carving out customized space for its digitization team and affiliated digital partners. BPL was one of the first libraries in the nation to dedicate space to this type of work, and the Johnson building now provides approximately 6,000 square feet on its lower level to the BPL’s Digital Services department and digital imaging studio as well as BPL’s digital partners, Digital Public Library of America and Internet Archive.

The new location is outfitted with secure storage units for items pending digitization and climate control to protect materials. Camera stations are located in an area with the perfect balance of isolation and proximity for ultimate efficiency, security, and image quality. There is also room to grow, as the space allows for the expansion of the BPL’s digital team as demand for these services evolves.

With this digitization work and commitment to the facilities that support it, BPL continues to make its special collections and those of cultural heritage organizations throughout Massachusetts available to patrons from all over the world. Visit to access the BPL’s digital collections.

4 Responses to “Central Library Renovation Reopening: Investing in Our Digital Future”

  1. Hugh Gerechter says:

    RE: “…the Johnson building will now provide approximately 6,000 on its lower level …”

    It’s not really clear what the implied subject of the number is intended to be – space, work, square feet?

    Your assistance much appreciated,


  2. Tom McLaughlin says:

    I worked at the BPL for 44 years. Can you tell me why former, long term employees, are not invited to special Library functions?

    • BPL News says:

      Hello Tom,

      The grand opening event is July 9, and we hope you join us in the festivities.