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American Belles Lettres
Booklists for Adults

The Historians

Smith, Captain John, 1580-1631. Captain John Smith's America: Selections from His Writings.

Bradford, William, 1588-1657.   Bradford's History "Of Plimoth Plantation."

Mather, Cotton, 1663-1728. Bonifacius: An Essay upon the Good.

Edwards, Jonathan, 1703-1758. Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God.

Miller, Perry, ed. The American Puritans. Their Prose and Poetry.

Bradstreet, Anne, 1612?-1672. The Works of Anne Bradstreet.

Taylor, Edward. Poems.

Diarists and Observers

Knight, Sarah Kemble, 1666-1727. The Journal of Madame Knight.

Woolman, John, 1720-1772. The Journal of John Woolman.

De Crevecoeur, J. Hector St. John Letters from an American Farmer.

Reason and Revolution

Franklin, Benjamin, 1706-1790. Poor Richard's Almanack: Being the Choicest Morsels of Wisdom, Written during the Years of the Almanack's Publication.

Paine, Thomas, 1737-1809. Common Sense, the Rights of Man, and Other Essential Writings of Thomas Paine.

Lewis, Meriwether, 1794-1809. The Journals of the Lewis and Clark Expedition.

Irving, Washington, 1783-1859. Diedrich Knickerbocker's History of New York.

Cooper, James Fenimore, 1789-1851. The Pioneers, or The Sources of the Susquehanna.

Transcendental Idealism

Emerson, Ralph Waldo, 1803-1882. The Complete Works of Ralph Waldo Emerson.

Thoreau, Henry David, 1817-1862. Walden, or A Life in the Woods.

Slavery and The Union

Cross, Barbara, ed. The Educated Woman in America; Selected Writings of Catharine Beecher, Margaret Fuller, and M. Carey Thomas.

Fuller, Margaret. Woman in the Nineteenth Century and Other Writings.

19th Century Black Women Writers

Wilson, Harriet E., 1808-ca.1870. Our Nig: Sketches from the Life of a Free Black.

Grimke, Charlotte Forten. The Journals of Charlotte Forten Grimke.

Jacobs, Harriet, 1813-1897. Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl.

Wheatley, Phillis. The Collected Works of Phillis Wheatley.

Native American Thought

Bierhorst, John. In the Trail of the Wind: American Indian Poems and Ritual Orations.

Nabokov, Peter, ed. Native American Testimony: A Chronicle of Indian-White Relations from Prophecy to the Present, 1492-1992.

Storm, Hyemeyohsts. Seven Arrows.

Compiled by Mary Lou Coveney, Dudley Branch, Boston Public Library, 1997.