Boston Public Library
By the Pen:  Modern Arabic Fiction
Booklists for Adults

Al Ahmad, Jalal
By the Pen

Badr, Liyanah
A Balcony over the Fakihani

Barakat, Halim Isber
Days of Dust
Six Days

Barakat, Hud·
The Stone of Laughter: A Novel

Bindari, Sami
The House of Power

ChraÔbi, Driss
Birth at Dawn
The Butts
Mother Comes of Age
Flutes of Death
Inspector Ali
Mother Spring

Ghanim, Fathi
The Man Who Lost His Shadow: A Novel in Four Books

Hakim, Tawfiq
Return of the Spirit

Idris, Yusuf
A Leader of Men
The Cheapest Nights
The Sinners

Jabra, Jabra Ibrahim
Hunters in a Narrow Street

Kanafani, Ghassan
Men in the Sun and other Palestinian Stories

Khalifah, Sahar
Wild Thorns

Khuri, Ilyas
Gates of the City
Little Mountain
The Journey of Little Gandhi
The Kingdom of Strangers

Maalouf, Amin
The First Century after Beatrice
Leo Africanus
The Rock of Tanios

Mahfuz, Najib
Adrift on the Nile
The Thief and the Dogs

Mrabet, Mohammed
The Lemon: A Novel
Love with a Few Hairs

Munif, Abdelrahman
The Trench
Variations on Night and Day
Cities of Salt

Qasim, Abd al-Hakim
Rites of Assent: Two Novellas
The Seven Days of Man

Saadawi, Nawal El
Memoirs of a Woman Doctor: A Novel
Woman at Point Zero
She Has No Place in Paradise

Salih, al-Tayyib
Season of Migration to the North
The Wedding of Zein and other Stories

Shaykh, Hanan
Women of Sand and Myrrh
Beirut Blues

Shukri, Muhammad
For Bread Alone

Zahran, Yasmine
A Beggar at Damascus Gate

Compiled by James Nalen, East Boston Branch, Boston Public Library, 1998.