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Deadly Food
Booklists for Adults

Acheson, David W. K. Safe Eating: Protect Yourself Against E. Coli, Salmonella, and Other Deadly Food-borne Pathogens. 1998. RA601.5 .A25 1998


Tells how to shop for, store, prepare and eat foods from every major group safely including meat, poultry, seafood, eggs, dairy, fruits, and vegetables. Includes over 100 tips to keep your family safe. Appendices include a helpful glossary of terms and a list of resources.

Arnold, Andrea. Fear of Food: Environmentalist Scams, Media, Mendacity, and the Law of Disparagement. 1990. PN4888.F67 A76 1990

Burkholtz, Herbert. The FDA Follies. 1994. HD9000.9.U5 B87 1994

Fox, Michael. Eating with Conscience. 1997. BJ52.5 .F69 1997


Food Safety, edited by Laura K. Egendorf. 2000. TX531 .F5677 2000

Fox, Nichols. It Was Probably Something You Ate: A Practical Guide to Avoiding and Surviving Food-borne Illness. 1999. RC143 .F69 1999


One- of-a-kind guide to preventing, diagnosing and surviving a food-borne illness. Surveys food-borne diseases profiling common and uncommon pathogens such as salmonella, hepatitis A, E. coli, Campylobacter, and Cyclospora. Outlines practical advice for dealing with common symptoms and illness-prevention techniques for the home and restaurant.

Fox, Nichols. Spoiled: Why Our Food Is Making Us Sick and What We Can Do About It. 1998. RA601.5 .F68 1998


Investigates and uncovers the explanation for what has happened to food to make it dangerous and deadly killing 9,000 Americans and sickening as many as 81 million every year.

Garland, Ann Witte. For Our Kid's Sake: How to Protect Your Child Against Pesticides in Food. 1989. TX571.P4 G37 1989

Garland, Ann Witte. The Way We Grow: Good Sense Solutions for Protecting Our Families from Pesticides in Food. 1993. TX571.P4 G374 1993


Offers a practical approach to shopping for the safest possible food and it re-connects consumers with the way food is produced in this country. Reveals why consumers should care.

Hemphill, Josephine. Fruitcake and Arsenic. 1962. HD9000.9.U5 H38 1962

Jacobsen, Michael F. Safe Food: Eating Wisely in a Risky World. 1991. TX531 .J295 1991x


Tells reader how to eat wisely and to protect self and family against pesticides, bacteria and other hidden hazards in food. Covers safe food choices, fruit, vegetables, grains, milk and cheese, meat, poultry and eggs, fish and shellfish. Tells how to shop for the safe food kitchen.

Kalbacken, Joan. Food Safety. 1998. RA601.5 .K35 1998 Juvenile

Latta, Sara L. Food Poisoning and Foodborne Diseases. 1999. RA601.5 .L38 1999 Young Adult

McKoy, J.J. How Safe is Our Food Supply. 1990. TX533 .M374 1990 Juvenile


Includes sections on food regulations, additives, pesticides and antibiotics, artificial sweeteners, and irradiation. Includes a bibliography of sources.

Millichap, J. Gordon. Environmental Poisons in Our Food. 1993. RA1258 .M55 1993x


Food-borne infections are covered in detail along with ways to avoid contamination from improper food storage.

Satin, Morton. Food Alert. 1999. RA601.5 .S28 1999


Explains in detail the causes, dangers and prevention of food-borne diseases and translates sophisticated concepts and techniques for general readers. Offers descriptions of key food groups and contaminants that affect each one. Offers guidelines and checklists for safe buying at the grocery store and in restaurants. Special reference section details different food-borne pathogens, how they thrive, how they harm, and how to stop them. Includes a glossary and a directory of information sources plus black and white microscopic photos.

Scott, Elizabeth and Paul Sockett. How to Prevent Food Poisonings: A Practical Guide to Safe Cooking, Eating and Food Handling. 1998. TX537 .S38 1998

A practical guide to safe cooking, eating, and handling.

Sonberg, Lynn. The A to Z Guide to Toxic Foods and How to Avoid Them. 1992.   RC143 .S6 1992x

Steinman, David. Diet for A Poisoned Planet: How to Choose Safe Food for You and Your Family. 1990. RA1258 .S74 1990


Offers solid, sensible guidelines for safe eating. Appendices include "Safe Foods Shopping List" and "Glossary of Pesticides and Toxic Chemicals".

Compiled by Marie Kascus, General Library, Adult Reader and Information Services, Boston Public Library, April 2000