Boston Public Library
Latina Voices: Novels by Hispanic Women
Booklists for Adults

Allende, Isabel (Chile)
The Stories of Eva Luna

Alvarez, Julia (Dominican Republic)
How the Garcia Girls Lost Their Accents

Bombal, Maria Luisa (Chile)
House of Mist; The Shrouded Woman

Castillo, Ana (Mexico)
Mixquiahuala Letters

Chavez, Denise (Mexico)
Face of an Angel

Cisneros, Sandra (Mexico)
The House on Mango Street

Corpi, Lucha (Mexico)
Cactus Blood

De Monteflores, Carmen (Puerto Rico)
Singing Softly

Engle, Margarita (Cuba)

Esquivel, Laura (Mexico)
Like Water for Chocolate

Ferre, Rosario (Puerto Rico)
The Youngest Doll

Gambaro, Griselda (Argentina)
The Impenetrable Madam X

Garcia, Cristina (Cuba)
Dreaming in Cuban

Limon, Graciela (Mexico)
In Search of Bernabe

Matute, Ana Maria (Spain)
Soldiers Cry by Night

Ortiz Cofer, Judith (Puerto Rico)
The Line of the Sun

Ponce, Mary Helen (Mexico)
The Wedding

Valenzuela, Luisa (Argentina)
The Lizard's Tale

Compiled by Jane Bickford, Adult Librarian, West Roxbury Branch, Boston Public Library, 1996