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Mass* Murder Once More:
Mysteries That Take Place in Massachusetts
Booklists for Adults

Baker, Abby Penn.  In the Dead of Winter. 1994
A college professor and her teaching assistant become involved in blackmail and murder on the campus of Smith College in 1918. (Northampton)

Barnes, Linda.  Hardware.  1995
New computer user PI Carlotta Carlyle uses the information superhighway to investigate problems in the taxi industry.  (Boston)

Conant, Susan.  Ruffly Speaking. A Dog Lover's Mystery.   1994
When a bookstore owner and dog lover is killed by poisonous plants, writer Holly Winter notices that other strange events occur - all related to the deceased's house.  (Cambridge)

Craig, Philip.  Cliff Hanger.  1993
After surviving two "accidents" on the mainland and being shot at by a gunman on the island, ex-cop J.W. Jackson is convinced that someone is trying to kill him.  (Martha's Vineyard, Northern Massachusetts)

Craig, Philip.  Off Season.  1994
Christmas season on the island is disturbed by a dispute between animal rights activists and hunters.  Then J.W. Jackson is asked to look into the murder of a neighbor shot by a bow and arrow.  (Martha's Vineyard)

Daniel, David.  The Heaven Stone.  1994
A social worker hires PI Alex Rasmussen to investigate the death of her Cambodian client.   (Lowell)

Healy, Jeremiah.  Rescue.  1995
Cuddy searches for a missing ten-year-old boy whose traveling companion has been fished out of Boston Harbor.  (Some Boston)

Kilmer, Nicholas.  Harmony in Flesh and Black.  1995
Fred Taylor is implicated in pornography and murder while researching and acquiring two paintings for his boss, a wealthy art collector.  (Cambridge Area)

Knight, Kathryn Lasky.  Dark Swan.  1994
Housesitting while her own home is being renovated, Callista Jacobs finds her Boston Brahmin neighbor dead in her Beacon Hill greenhouse.  (Boston)

Lee, Wendi.  The Good Daughter.  1994
New PI Angela Matelli, a former Marine, is hired by an ex-cop to investigate his daughter's boyfriend.  (Boston)

Lehane, Dennis.  A Drink Before the War.  1994
When PIs Patrick and Angie Gennaro are hired to locate a cleaning woman suspected of stealing documents from two Senators, they become embroiled in local gang wars.  (Boston)

Logan, Margaret.  Never Let a Stranger in Your Home.  1995
After an abused former neighbor moves in with her, decorator Olivia Chapman must turn detective to clear her friend of her husband's murder.  (Boston)

MacDonald, Patricia J.  Mother's Day.  1994
Karen Newhall's adopted daughter's birth mother shows up on her doorstep asking to meet with the girl.  When the birth mother is found dead the next day, Karen's husband is the leading suspect.  (Cape Cod)

MacLeod, Charlotte.  The Odd Job.  1995
Sarah Kelling Bittersohn finds herself in the middle of another art world mystery when a museum administrator is murdered.  (Boston)

Mathews, Francine.  Death in the Off Season.  1994
Police detective Meredith Folger is assigned her first murder investigation when the black sheep son of an old Nantucket family is found dead on his brother's cranberry farm.   (Nantucket)

Michaels, Grant.  Mask for a Diva.  1994
Gay hairdresser Stan Kraychik helps the police behind the scenes when a murder is committed at an opera festival.  (North Shore)

Oleksiw, Susan.  Family Album.  1994
Police chief Joe Silva investigates the death of a historical society volunteer who had recently disclosed the theft of paintings at a society board meeting.  (North Shore)

Parker, Robert B.  Thin Air.  1995
Spenser searches for Detective Belson's missing wife after Belson is critically wounded outside his condo.  (Boston and Merrimack Valley)

Soos, Troy.  Murder at Fenway Park.  1994
A member of the 1912 Red Sox team, Mickey Rawlings, is suspected of murder after he discovers a dead body at the ball park.  (Boston)

Tapply, William.  The Seventh Enemy.  1995
Supporting a boyhood friend who changes his position on a gun-control bill and is later shot, Brady Coyne ends up on a pro-gun group's enemy list.  (Boston and Western Massachusetts)


Compiled by Nancy Richards, Memorial Hall Library, Andover.  1995.   Distributed by the Eastern Massachusetts Regional System.  Headquarters: Boston Public Library.