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Mysteries That Take Place in Massachusetts
Booklists for Adults

Allen, Irene. QUAKER SILENCE. 1992. (Cambridge)
Elizabeth Elliot, Clerk of a Quaker church, investigates the death of a
church member when the police suspect a homeless man is his murderer.

Allen, Irene. QUAKER WITNESS. 1993. (Cambridge)
Soon after a female graduate student files sexual harassament charges against
her Harvard professor, he is murdered. The student seeks the assistance of
Quaker Clerk Elizabeth Elliot to clear her name.

Arnold, Margot. THE CAPE COD CONUNDRUM. 1993. (Cape Cod)
Archaeologist Sir Toby Glendower and anthropologist Penny Spring solve the
murder of a teacher found dead in her classroom.

Barnes, Linda. SNAPSHOT. 1993. (Boston)
A distraught mother asks cabdriver/detective Carlotta Carlyle to investigate
the circumstances of her daughter's death at a local hospital.

Berry, Carole. NIGHTMARE POINT. 1993. (Cape Cod and Boston suburbs)
Joyce Neuhaser, recently discharged from a psychiatric hospital, searches for
her kidnapped teenage daughter.

Cluster, Dick. OBLIGATIONS OF THE BONE. 1992. (Boston, Cambridge)
Car mechanic/detective Alex Glauberman is investigating a case of blackmail
for a doctor when a cancer patient's crucial bone marrow is stolen.

Connant, Susan. BLOODLINES. 1993. (Cambridge)
Dog-writer Holly Winter becomes involved in murder and the world of
disreputable "puppy mills" when a petshop owner is killed.

Conant, Susan. GONE TO THE DOGS. 1992. (Cambridge)
Holly Winter investigates the disappearance of a veterinarian who had
recently antagonized several people, including a patient's owner and a dog

Craig, Philip R. THE DOUBLE-MINDED MEN. 1992. (Martha's Vineyard)
Private Investigator Jeff Jackson's girlfriend and a stolen Middle Eastern
necklace, missing for 200 years, both disappear at the same party -- the
occassion at which the necklace was to be returned to its rightful owner.

Evers, Crabbe. FEAR IN FENWAY. 1993, 1994. (Boston)
Much of baseball trivia fills a mystery of two former Red Sox players
murdered at Fenway Park and investigated by writer Duffy House.

Healy, Jeremiah. FOURSOME. 1993. (some Boston)
Detective John Cuddy faces overwhelming evidence when he tries to clear his
client of murdering his wife and two friends with a crossbow.

Healy, Jeremiah. SHALLOW GRAVES. 1992. (Boston)
When a beautiful Amer-Asian model, granddaughter of a local mob boss, is
murdered, the insurance company hires Cuddy to investigate.

Kelly, Susan. OUT OF THE DARKNESS. 1992 (Cambridge, Merrimack Valley)
Freelancer Liz Connors researches serial killings in the Merrimack Valley for
a true crime writer's latest book.

Kemprecos, Paul. DEATH IN DEEP WATER. 1992, 1993. (Cape Cod)
Hired to prove a whale was not responsible for a marine park trainer's death,
"Soc" Socarides goes undercover in the park looking for the man's enemies.

Kemprecos, Paul. FEEDING FRENZY. 1993. (Cape Cod)
Several crises take up PI/fisherman "Soc" Socarides' summer: bodies washing
up on a popular beach, his nephew's drug dealing, and attempts by a real estate
developer to discredit a local sailing camp.

Langton, Jane. DIVINE INSPIRATION. 1993. (Boston)
Organist Alan Starr and detective Homer Kelley search for the mother of a
toddler found in front of a Back Bay church.

Michaels, Grant. DEAD ON YOUR FEET. 1993. (Boston)
Gay hairdresser Stan Kraychick searches for clues when an artist in his
lover's ballet company is murdered.

Michaels, Grant. LOVE YOU TO DEATH. 1992. (Boston)
Hairdresser Stan Kraychik is stuck with a four-year-old when his mother is
arrested for murder. Stan tries to solve the murder so he can return his
difficult charge to his mother.

Oleksiw, Susan. DOUBLE TAKE. 1994. (North Shore)
When a student/janitor is murdered at a local art college, Police Chief Joe
Silva must investigate both school and town suspects.

Oleksiw, Susan. MURDER IN MELLINGHAM. 1993. (North Shore)
When manipulative Beth O'Donnell is murdered after her brother's party,
Police Chief Joe Silva has the entire guestlist to investigate.

Olson, Tobey. AT SEA. 1993. (Provincetown)
Policeman Peter Blue has two related cases: the fatal shooting of a local
drug runner and the rape/murder of a woman whose phone number was found on the
drug runner.

Page, Katherine Hall. THE BODY IN THE CAST. 1993 (Lexington area)
Hired to cater for a movie company filming an updated version of "The Scarlet
Letter," Faith Fairchild cannot resist snooping when a cast member is poisoned
and a candidate for Selectman is murdered.

Parker, Robert B. PAPER DOLL. 1993. (Boston)
While investigating the murder of a Beacon Hill wife, Spencer discovers that
her identity for the last twenty years has been a lie.

Press, Margaret. ELEGY FOR A THIEF. 1993. (Salem)
Moira Doheny is found next to a suicide note. Detective Gabe Dunn believes
that she was murdered, especially after meeting some of her petty criminal

Press, Margaret. REQUIEM FOR A POSTMAN. 1993. (Salem)
Sergeant Gabe Dunn investigates the murder of a mailman whose body was hidden
in the Men's Room at a local park.

Sullivan, Winona. A SUDDEN DEATH AT THE NORFOLK CAFE. 1993. (Boston)
A nun and her former boyfriend aid a pregnant teenager who has evidence
incriminating her mob-involved lover and her father, a Congressional candidate.

Tapply, William. THE SNAKE EATER. 1993. (Boston, Western Massachusetts)
After lawyer Brady Coyne helps a Vietnam vet on a drug charge and finds a
literary agent for his seond book, the man is found dead, shot with an arrow.

Tate, Kelly and Jack Hanna. LION'S SHARE. 1992. (South Shore)
When zoo staff begin dying mysteriously, a new veterinarian tries to find the
cause in order to save animals believed to be the killers.

Thomson, Maynard F. TRADE SECRETS. 1993. (Boston, suburbs)
Boston P.I. Nason Nichols is hired by a high tech company to retrieve a
computer chip secret stolen by a former employee.


Compiled by Nancy Richards, Memorial Hall Library, Andover.  1994.   Distributed by the Eastern Massachusetts Regional System.  Headquarters: Boston Public Library.