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Understanding and Enjoying Poetry
Booklists for Adults


Deutsch, Babette. Poetry Handbook: A Dictionary of Terms. PN44.5 .D4 1981x
(also in the Reference Collection)

Encyclopedia of Poetry and Poetics, edited by Alex Preminger. 1965. PN1021 .E5

Gensler, Kinereth and Nina Nyhart. The Poetry Connection: An Anthology of Contemporary Poems with Ideas to Stimulate Children's Writing. 1978. PN1085 .P58

Grossman, Florence . Getting From Here to There: Writing and Reading Poetry. 1982. PN1042 .G74 1982

Hirsch, Edward. How to Read a Poem: And Fall in Love with Poetry. 1999. PN1042 .H48 1999

Hollander, John. Rhyme's Reason: A Guide to English Verse. 1981. PE1505 .H6

Macrone, Michael. Brush Up Your Poetry! 1996. PR1175 .M22 1996

Oliver, Mary. A Poetry Handbook. 1994. PE1505 .O35 1994

Oliver, Mary. Rules for the Dance: A Handbook for Writing and Reading Metrical Verse. 1998. PE1505 .O37 1998

Packard, William. The Poet's Dictionary: A Handbook of Prosody and Poetic Devices. 1989. PN44.5 .P3 1989

Peacock, Molly. How to Read a Poem -- and Start a Poetry Circle. 1999. PN1031 .P358 1999

Pinksy, Robert. The Sounds of Poetry: A Brief Guide. 1998. PN4151 .P55 1998


Children's Resources

Bauer, Caroline Feller. The Poetry Break: An Annotated Anthology with Ideas for Introducing Children to Poetry. 1995. PN1085 .B38 1995x Children's Room

Esbensen, Barbara Juster. A Celebration of Bees: Helping Children Write Poetry. 1995. PN1101 .E8 1995

Koch, Kenneth. Rose, Where Did You Get That Red? Teaching Great Poetry to Children. 1973. PS508 .C5 K58

Koch, Kenneth. Wishes, Lies and Dreams: Teaching Children to Write Poetry. 1970. PS508 .C5 K60 1980x


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