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Staff Selections: April 2002
Booklists for Adults
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G Barks, Coleman. THE ILLUMINATED PRAYER: THE FIVE-TIMES PRAYER OF THE SUFIS AS REVEALED BY JELLALUDIN RUMI & BAWA MUHAIYADDEEN. A new translation of these highly mystical, spiritual poems by the Persian Rumi. BP189.55.B375 2000x

Benét, Stephen Vincent. JOHN BROWN'S BODY. An American epic in verse, based on the Civil War and the toll it took. PS3503.E5325 J6

BEOWULF. A new translation by Seamus Heaney, the Irish Nobel Laureate, of the Anglo-Saxon epic tale about a hero who saves a kingdom from the ravages of an evil monster. PR1583.H43 2000

Bly, Robert et al, eds. THE RAG AND BONE SHOP OF THE HEART: POEMS FOR MEN. Arranged thematically, with insightful commentaries, this selection is the outcome of a men's group. PN6101.R28 1992

Chukovskaia, Lidiia Korneevna. THE AKHMATOVA JOURNALS. PG3476.A324 Z5813 1994


Colby, Todd, ed. HEIGHTS OF THE MARVELOUS: A NEW YORK ANTHOLOGY. Contemporary works out of New York City are edgy, diverse, heartbreaking and life-affirming. PS509.N5 H45 2000

Collins, Billy. SAILING ALONE AROUND THE ROOM: NEW AND SELECTED POEMS. The 2001-2002 Poet Laureate of the United States steers across the seas of his visions. PS3553.O47478 S25 2001

Dickey, Christopher. SUMMER OF DELIVERANCE: A MEMOIR OF FATHER AND SON. A look at what it's like to be the son of a famous poet. PS3554.I318 Z88 1998

Espada, Martín, ed. EL CORO: A CHORUS OF LATINO AND LATINA POETRY. A celebration of contemporary Latinos and Latinas by a diverse group of poets. PS508.H57 C67 1997
Espada, Martín, ed. POETRY LIKE BREAD: POETS OF THE POLITICAL IMAGINATION FROM CURBSTONE PRESS. Published by a progressive political press, arranged in English and Spanish side by side, this is a collection of two decades of political verse from many countries. PN6110.P728 P64 2000

Farnan, Dorothy J. AUDEN IN LOVE: THE INTIMATE STORY OF A LIFELONG LOVE AFFAIR. An intimate picture of the tempestuous relationship between Chester Kallman and the greatest poet of his day. PR6001.U4 Z685 1984

Ginsberg, Allen. DEATH & FAME: POEMS, 1993-1997. The last poems written by the greatest of the Beat poets, as he wryly contemplated his posthumous fame. PS3513.I74 D42 2000x

Glück, Louise. THE SEVEN AGES. The boldest of Glück's nine books of highly acclaimed poetry. PS3557.L8 S4 2001

Goedicke, Patricia. AS EARTH BEGINS TO END. Selected by the American Library Association as a top ten poetry book of the year in 2000, this collection covers the years of a long marriage and its roots in the natural world. PS3557.O32 A9 2000

Hollander, John. TYPES OF SHAPE. The subject of the poem is a real tour de force. PS3515.03485 T9 1991

Kennedy, Caroline, ed. THE BEST-LOVED POEMS OF JACQUELINE KENNEDY ONASSIS. More than 100 favorites, with a small selection of poems written by
Jacqueline Kennedy. PN6101.B39 2001

Komunyakaa, Yusef. PLEASURE DOME: NEW AND COLLECTED POEMS. This 1994 Pulitzer Prize winning author collects in one volume a lifetime of verse. PS3561.O455 P58 2001

Lindsay, Vachel. SELECTED POEMS. A strong vigorous writer many of whose poems have been set to music. PS3523.I58 A6

McCartney, Paul. BLACKBIRD SINGING: POEMS AND LYRICS, 1965-1999. The Beatle reveals himself as a writer not only of poetic lyrics but also of lyric poems. PR6063.C354 B58 2001

McClatchy, J.D., ed. LOVE SPEAKS ITS NAME: GAY AND LESBIAN LOVE POEMS. Arranged by the themes of longing, loving, ecstasy, anxiety, and aftermath, this first-rate collection by established and contemporary poets shows the depth and complexity of same-sex love. PN6110.H65 L68 2001

Miles, Barry. THE BEAT HOTEL: GINSBERG, BURROUGHS AND CORSO IN PARIS, 1958-1963. Drugs, sex and literature dominated the Bohemian lifestyles of a generation of American poets who lived in a squalid rooming house on the Left Bank. PS228.B6 M55 2000

Montale, Eugenio. COLLECTED POEMS 1920-1954. Acknowledged as the greatest Italian poet since Leopardi, he won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1975. PQ4829.O565 A244 1998


Neruda, Pablo. CANTO GENERAL. A translation of the Chilean Nobel Laureate's greatest work, an epic in verse of Latin American history. PQ8097.N4 C1713 1991x

Nye, Naomi Shihab & Janeczko, Paul B., eds. I FEEL A LITTLE JUMPY AROUND YOU: PAIRED POEMS BY MEN & WOMEN. An award-winning anthology of poems are grouped into pairs to show the male and female views of the same subjects.
PS3564.Y44 I4 1999x (Teen)

Oliver, Mary. WEST WIND: POEMS AND PROSE POEMS. Using nature as her muse, Oliver explores spiritual awareness and growth, death and many other themes. PS3565.L5 W4 1997

Omar Khayyam. RUBAIYAAT OF OMAR KHAYYAM. Philosophical poems about life, nature and the joy of drinking by the foremost Persian poet. PK6513.A1 1998x

Ondaatje, Michael. THERE'S A TRICK WITH A KNIFE I'M LEARNING TO DO: POEMS, 1963-1978. An award-winning collection by the author of The English Patient and other great literary works. PR9199.3. O5 T5 1979

Piercy, Marge. SLEEPING WITH CATS: A MEMOIR. Focused on her emotional life, this is also a rich portrait of Piercy's literary and political life. Added bonuses for cat lovers are the vignettes about the many cats she has befriended. PS3566.I4 Z477 2002


Powell, Neil, ed. GAY LOVE POETRY. Stretching from classical times to contemporary, the focus is on mostly contemporary British writers. Some may not have been conceived as gay love poetry by their authors, but can be interpreted as such by readers.
PN6110.L6 G39 1997

Quasimodo, Salvatore. COMPLETE POEMS. The work of this winner of the 1959 Nobel Prize for Literature testifies to the human and inhuman realities that have created the modern world. PQ4837.U3 A23 1984

Sappho. THE SAPPHO COMPANION. Inspired by the muses to the pinnacle of ancient Greek lyrical poetry, Sappho has served as muse to succeeding generations of poets. PA4409.S27 2001

Sartre, Jean-Paul. BAUDELAIRE. A classic psycho-existential analysis of the author of Les Fleurs du Mal. PQ2191.Z5 S32

Schnackenberg, Gjertrud. SUPERNATURAL LOVE: POEMS, 1976-1992. A rich collection filled with dense metaphysical imagery. PS3569.C5178 S36 2000

Shakespeare, William. ALL THE LOVE POEMS OF SHAKESPEARE. PR2842.G53 1963x

Simic, Charles. THE BOOK OF GODS AND DEVILS. Unexpected and mysterious leaps of imagination fill this collection by the 1990 Pulitzer Prize winner for Poetry.
PS3569.I4725 B6 1990

Stepanek, Mattie J.T. JOURNEY THROUGH HEARTSONGS. Inspirational poems from a young boy whose struggle with muscular dystrophy has made him wise beyond his years. PS3619.T47 J6 2001x

Strand, Mark and Boland, Eavan, eds. THE MAKING OF A POEM: A NORTON ANTHOLOGY OF POETIC FORMS. A collection illustrating different poetic forms, replete with well-chosen examples and a brief history of each form. PR1175.M275 2000

Striar, Marguerite M. BEYOND LAMENT: POETS OF THE WORLD BEARING WITNESS TO THE HOLOCAUST. This rich and varied anthology proves that, "even in the face of great suffering the flame of creation will not be extinguished. For many the need to give voice to the anger and despair of the Holocaust is as essential as the need to come to grips with its unspeakable horror." PN6110.J45 B49 1998

National Poetry Month April 2002, Staff Selections recommended by the Boston Public Library's Adults' Services Department in honor of National Poetry Month, Boston Public Library, 2001

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