Boston Public Library
R.S.V.P. for Murder: Britain's Best Women Detectives
Booklists for Adults

Babson, Marian
Detectives "Eve Sinclair & Trixie Dolan," Movie actresses

Reel Murder 1986
Encore Murder 1990
Shadows in Their Blood 1993
Even Yuppies Die 1996

Beaton, M.C.
Detective "Agatha Raisin," Retired advertising agent

Agatha Raisin and the Quiche of Death 1992
Agatha Raisin and the Vicious Vet 1993
Agatha Raisin and the Potted Gardener 1994
Agatha Raisin and the Walkers of Dembley 1995

Black, Veronica
Detective "Sister Joan," Nun

A Vow of Silence 1990
A Vow of Chastity 1992
A Vow of Sanctity 1993
A Vow of Obedience 1994
A Vow of Penance 1994
A Vow of Devotion 1995
A Vow of Fidelity 1996

Caudwell, Sarah
Detective "Hillary Tamar," Professor of medieval law

Thus Was Adonis Murdered 1981
The Shortest Way to Hades 1985
The Sirens Sang of Murder 1989

Christie, Agatha
Detective "Miss Marple," Spinster

The Murder at the Vicarage 1930
The Moving Finger 1942
The Body in the Library 1942
A Murder is Announced 1950
They Do It with Mirrors 1953
A Pocket Full of Rye 1953
What Mrs. McGillicudy Saw 1957
The Mirror Crack'd 1964
A Caribbean Mystery 1964
At Bertram's Hotel 1965
Nemesis 1971
Sleeping Murder 1976

Cody, Liza
Detective "Anna Lee," Private investigator

Dupe 1981
Bad Company 1982
Stalker 1984
Head Case 1986
Under Contract 1987
Rift 1988
Backhand 1992
Bucket Nut 1993

Cooper, Natasha
Detective "Willow King," Civil servant/Romance novelist

A Common Death 1990
Poison Flowers 1991
Bloody Roses 1992
Bitter Herbs 1993
Rotten Apples 1995

Danks, Denise
Detective "Georgina Powers," Computer journalist

User Deadly 1992
Frame Grabber 1993
Wink a Hopeful Eye 1994

Dunant, Sarah
Detective "Hannah Wolfe," Private investigator

Birth Marks 1992
Fat Lands 1994
Under My Skin 1995

Fraser, Antonia
Detective "Jemima Shore," TV interviewer

Quiet as a Nun 1977
The Wild Island 1978
A Splash of Red 1981
Oxford Blood 1985
Jemima Shore's First Case, and other Stories 1987
Your Royal Hostage 1988
The Cavalier Case 1991
Jemima Shore at the Sunny Grave, and Other Stories 1993
Political Death 1996

Fyfield, Frances
Detective "Helen West," Prosecutor

Not That Kind of Place 1990
Deep Sleep 1991
Shadow Play 1993
Clear Conscience 1995

Granger, Ann
Detective "Meredith Mitchell," Foreign Service officer

Say It with Poison 1991
A Season for Murder 1992
Cold in the Earth 1993
Where Old Bones Lie 1994
A Fine Place for Death 1995
Flowers for His Funeral 1995

Green, Ghristine
Detective "Kate Kinsella," Nurse

Deadly Errand 1992
Deadly Admirer 1993
Deadly Practice 1995

Greenwood, Diane M.
Detective "Rev. Theodora Braithwaite," Deaconess

Clerical Errors 1992
Unholy Ghosts 1992
Idol Bones 1993

Hardwick, Mollie
Detective "Doran Fairweather," Antiques dealer

Malice Domestic 1986
Parson's Pleasure 1987
Uneaseful Death 1988
The Bandersnatch 1989
Perish in July 1989
The Dreaming Damozel 1991

Holt, Hazel
Detective "Mrs. Sheila Malory," Magazine writer

The Cruellest Month 1991
Mrs. Malory and the Festival Murder 1993
The Shortest Journey 1994
Mrs. Malory, Detective in Residence 1994
Mrs. Malory Wonders Why 1995

Laurence, Janet
Detective "Darina Lisle," Caterer, chef

A Tasty Way to Die 1992
Hotel Morgue 1992
Recipe for Death 1993
Death and the Epicure 1994

Linscott, Gillian
Detective "Nell Bray," Suffragette

Sister beneath the Sheet 1991
Hanging on the Wire 1993
Stage Fright 1993
Crown Witness 1995

Mann, Jessica
Detective "Tamara Hoyland," Archaeologist

No Man's Island 1983
Grave Goods 1985
A Kind of Healthy Grave 1986
Death beyond the Nile 1988
Faith, Hope & Homicide 1991

McDermid, Val
Detective "Kate Brannigan," Private investigator

Dead Beat 1993
Kickback 1993
Crackdown 1994
Clean Break 1995

Moody, Susan
Detective "Penny Wannawake," Photographer

Penny Black 1984
Penny Dreadful 1984
Penny Post 1985
Penny Royal 1986
Penny Pinching 1991
Penny Saving 1993

Morice, Anne
Detective "Tessa Crichton," Actress

Getting Away with Murder 1984
Dead on Cue 1985
Publish and be Killed 1986
Treble Exposure 1987
Fatal Charm 1988

Paton-Walsh, Jill
Detective "Imogen Quy," Nurse

The Wyndham Case 1993
A Piece of Justice 1995

Peters, Elizabeth
Detective "Amelia Peabody," Archaeologist

Crocodile on the Sandbank 1975
The Mummy Case 1985
Lion in the Valley 1986
The Deeds of the Disturber 1988
The Last Camel Died at Noon 1991
The Snake, the Crocodile, and the Dog 1992
The Hippopotamus Pool 1996

Smith, Joan
Detective "Loretta Lawson," English professor

A Masculine Ending 1988
Why Aren't They Screaming? 1989
Don't Leave Me This Way 1990
What Men Say 1994
Full Stop 1996

Stallwood, Veronica
Detective "Kate Ivory," Novelist

Death and the Oxford Box 1993
Oxford Exit 1995

Warner, Mignon
Detective "Edwina Charles," Clairvoyante

The Tarot Murders 1978
Death in Time 1982
Devil's Knell 1983
Illusion 1984
Speak No Evil 1985

Compiled by Amy Manson, Jamaica Plain Branch, Boston Public Library, 1997