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Single in the City
Booklists for Adults
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Askari, Brent
Not Ready For Prime Time

Justine Nichols has five secrets, none of which include her age, occupation or boyfriend.

Bank, Melissa
The Girls' Guide to Hunting and Fishing

Connected short stories about Jane Rosenal as she wanders through various relationships in search of love.

Bartolomeo, Christina
Cupid and Diana

Middle child Diana is stuck between her sisters - the housewife and the lingerie model. No wonder she is slightly confused.

Bushnell, Candace
Four Blondes

From Nice and Easy to Platinum, four women search for love, life and the perfect summer in the big city.

Colgan, Jenny
Amanda’s Wedding

Amanda wants Fraser only for his title and Mel will not let her destroy his life – no matter what she has to do to stop the wedding.

Fielding, Helen
Bridget Jones’s Diary

This devastatingly funny novel started the phenomenon of single in the city-type books.

Green, Jane
Jemima J

JJ is beautiful, confident and – most important – THIN, and Jemima would give anything to be her in real life.

Harayda, Janice
The Accidental Bride

Lily is about to marry the "third-richest man in the second-largest city in Ohio," but something feels wrong.

Hornby, Nick
High Fidelity

David Cale decides that he has to talk to the ten women on his list of all-time heartbreakers after his girlfriend dumps him.

Jewell, Lisa
Thirty Nothing

Dig and ‘Deen do everything together – just like the perfect couple. Too bad they think they are only good friends.

Keyes, Marian
Lucy Sullivan is Getting Married

According to a psychic, Lucy will be getting married soon. The question is, to whom?

Lindquist, Mark
Never Mind Nirvana

Pete Tyler reaches a crossroad when he has to prosecute a prominent member of the Seattle rock scene.

Lloyd, Josie and Rees, Emlyn
Come Together

Jack is a man on the make. Amy is searching for The One. What happens when they get together?

Maxted, Anna
Getting Over It

After her father dies Helen thinks everything is fine, then she realizes her whole life has changed and it will take some doing to get over it.

Ng, Mei
Eating Chinese Food Naked

After college, Ruby Lee tries to combine her hip Manhattan life with her family in Queens.

Rodi, Robert
Fag Hag

Natalie knows that her best friend Peter is gay, but the madness of love is unstoppable.

Weiner, Jennifer
Good in Bed

What do you do when your ex starts writing a national column – all about you?

Weinstock, Nicholas
As Long as She Needs Me

She is a burned-out wedding reporter; he is a perpetual personal assistant who is planning his boss’s secret wedding. They are a match made in heaven.

Wolper, Carol
The Cigarette Girl

Hollywood screenwriter Elizabeth West is in the Zone – that time between the ages 28 and 35 when single women go temporarily insane.

Zigman, Laura
Dating Big Bird
Ellen loves her career and her life; it would all be perfect if she only had a baby.

Compiled by Georgia Titonis, Lower Mills Branch, Boston Public Library, 2001

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