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Single in the City, Part 2
Booklists for Adults
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Buxbaum, Julie.
The Opposite of Love.
Emily abruptly breaks up with her boyfriend just as he is about to propose. When the holidays approach and Emily’s father falls ill, she is forced to confront her hidden feelings.

Center, Katharine.
The Bright Side of Disaster.
Jenny Harris always imagined she would lead the traditional life: fall in love, get married, and have a baby. Jenny unexpectedly finds herself pregnant and unmarried.

Clark, Bridie.
Because She Can.
Claire Truman is thrilled to be working for a top tier NYC publishing firm, until her new boss begins to interfere with both her professional life and her personal life.  

Crane, Megan.
Augusta, a librarian living in Boston, discovers her boyfriend is having an affair with her former college roommate and best friend.

Cushman, Anne.
Enlightenment for Idiots.
Twenty-nine year old yoga teacher, Amanda, travels to India with her on again off again boyfriend in hopes of discovering “enlightenment”.

Dave, Laura.
The Divorce Party.
On their 35th wedding anniversary Gabe and Gwynn Huntington throw a party celebrating their divorce. This is a multi-generational story of one woman at the end of her relationship and another woman at the beginning of her relationship.

Davis, Dee.
A Match Made on Madison.
Two Manhattan matchmakers compete to send New York City’s most eligible bachelor down the aisle.

Dunn, Sarah. 
The Big Love: A Novel.
During a dinner party, Allison sends her boyfriend to the store to buy mustard, but he does not return.

Ganek, Danielle.
Lulu Meets God and Doubts Him.
Described as “sophisticated Chick Lit” by Publishers Weekly, Ganek tells a tale of an art gallery receptionist, the NYC art scene, and an unexpected death.

Giffin, Emily.
Love the One You are With.
From the best selling author of Something Borrowed, Something Blue, and Baby Proof, Love the One You are With tells the story of a woman torn between true love and real life.  

Hale, Shannon.
Austenland: A Novel.
Jane Hayes has developed an obsession with BBC actor Colin Firth’s characterization of Mr. Darcy. Will she find her real Mr. Darcy on a Jane Austen themed tour?

Harbison, Beth.
Shoe Addicts Anonymous.
Four women, with an infatuation for shoes, meet weekly to swap shoes and share stories. This is a perfect book for anyone who shares a passion for fabulous footwear and upbeat Chick Lit.
Sequel: Secrets of a Shoe Addict.

Lobe, Kristen. 
Paris Hangover.
Klein always dreamed of living in Paris. One day she packs up her NYC loft and boards an airplane with her cat, Puccini, and moves to Paris. This novel is filled with Frenchmen, French cuisine, and French fashion.

Keyes, Marian.
This Charming Man.
Marian Keyes has dominated Chick Lit since 1995. This Charming Man tells the story of four women, one man, and one engagement.

MacDowell, Rose and Heather.
Turning Tables.
Erin loses her corporate job. Determined to keep her Manhattan apartment, she takes a job as a waitress at a chic NYC restaurant. How hard can it be working for a celebrity chef?

Markoe, Merrill.
Walking in Circles Before Lying Down: A Novel.
In the wake of 2 divorces and a recent break up, Dawn discovers her dog, Chuck, can talk. Chuck has a lot of advice for Dawn.

Marr, Maggie.
Secrets of the Hollywood Girls Club.
Four Hollywood starlets turn to one another for help with love and blackmail.
Sequel to Hollywood Girls Club.

Nieves-Powell, Linda.
Free Style A Novel.
Two thirty-something married moms facing household problems return to the nightclub they enjoyed as single carefree women in their twenties.

Noble, Elizabeth.
Alphabet Weekends: Love on the Road from A to Z.
After being dumped by her boyfriend, Natalie’s neighbor convinces her to go on 26 dates with him-one date for each letter.

Potter, Alexandra.
Me and Mr. Darcy.
After a series of bad dates, Emily, a bookstore manager, goes on a Jane Austen themed tour.

Sawyer, Kirsten.
Not Quite a Mom.
Elizabeth Castle is ready to marry the man of her dreams, but everything changes when she receives news that she has gained custody of her best friend’s daughter.

Shumas, Holly.
Five Things I Can’t Live Without.
Nora, a non-committed 29 year old, begins a new job writing bios for Internet Daters. What are the 5 things Nora cannot live without?

Sisman, Robyn.
Summer in the City.
A transatlantic apartment swap leads to a transatlantic romance between a British woman and a NYC man.

Strohmeyer, Sarah.
Sleeping Beauty Proposal.
What would you do if your boyfriend of 4 years proposed on national television to another woman?

Tuccillo, Liz.
How to be Single.
Julie Jenson, 37, is sick of the question “Why are you still single?” She decides to find out how other single women around the world deal with this “problem”. Liz. Tuccillo is the co-author of the nonfiction best seller He’s Just Not That Into You. How to be Single is Tuccillo’s first work of fiction.

Weisberger, Lauren.
Chasing Harry Winston.
From the best selling author of The Devil Wears Prada, Chasing Harry Winston tells the story of three Manhattan friends who make a pact to change their lives within one year's time.

Wolitzer, Hilma. Summer Reading.
Three very different women from three very different backgrounds form a summer book club in the Hamptons.

Wright, Deborah.
The History of Lucy’s Love Life in Ten and Half Chapters.
Bored with her present boyfriend, Lucy steals a time machine from the science lab at work and travels back in time to meet the greatest lovers of all time; Casanova, Ovid, Lord Bryon.  

Yampolsky. Karen.
Falling Out of Fashion.
Jill White, a successful NYC magazine owner, is determined to save her magazine from an evil new empire. Fans of The Devil Wears Prada will enjoy this story.


Broadway, Anna.
Sexless in the City: A Memoir of Reluctant Chastity.
Anna Broadway, a twenty-something writer living in San Francisco, presents her experiences of urban single life.

Harrison, Bridget.
Tabloid Love: Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places: A Memoir.
Bridget Harrison, a British journalist living in New York City, presents her dating adventures.

Klein, Stephanie.
Straight Up and Dirty: A Memoir.
Stephanie Klein presents her story of returning to single life after a divorce.

Ryan, Trish.
He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not: A Memoir of Finding Faith, Hope, and Happily Ever After.
Trish Ryan, an attorney living in Cambridge, Massachusetts, presents her quest to find true happiness and true love.

Thomas, Sean.
Millions of Women are Waiting to Meet You: A Story of Life, Love, and Internet Dating.
Sean Thomas presents his painfully funny and truthful diary of internet dating.

Compiled by Rebecca Campbell, Reader and Information Services, June 2008

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