Boston Public Library
Ghosts, Vampires, Warewolves, and Witches: Selected Fiction
Booklists for Adults


Blackwood, Algernon. The Best Ghost Stories of Algernon Blackwood

Jackson, Shirley. The Haunting of Hill House

James, Henry. The Turn of the Screw and Other Stories

James, M.R. The Ghost Stories of M. R. James

Koontz, Dean R. The Door to December

Leithauser, Brad (ed.) The Norton Book of Ghost Stories

Lofts, Norah. Gad’s Hall;   The Haunting of Gad’s Hall

Lurie, Allison. Women and Ghosts

Wharton, Edith. The Ghost Stories of Edith Wharton



Anderson, Poul. Operation Chaos

Boucher, Anthony. The Compleat Werewolf

Garfield, Henry. Moondog

Michaels, Barbara. The Dark on the Other Side

Preiss, Byron (ed.) The Ultimate Werewolf

Stableford, Brian. The Werewolves of London

Strieber, Whitley. The Wolfen



Baker, Nancy. The Night Inside

Hahn, Mary Downing. Look for Me by Moonlight

Hambly, Barbara. Those Who Hunt the Night

King, Stephen. Salem’s Lot

Lumley, Brian. Bloodwars;   Necroscope;  Vamphyri: Necroscope II

Newman, Kim. Anno-Dracula

Rice, Anne. Interview with the Vampire;  Memnoch the Devil;  The Queen of the Damned;  The Tale of the Body Thief;  The Vampire Lestat

Saberhagen, Fred. Seance for a Vampire

Stoker, Bram. Dracula

Vande Velde, Vivian. Companions of the Night

Yarbro, Chelsea Quinn. A Candle for D’Artagnan;  Crusader’s Torch;   A Flame in Byzantium;   Mansions of Darkness


Blatty, William P. The Exorcist

Bloch, Robert. Lori

Farris, John. Son of the Endless Night

Seton, Anya. Green Darkness



Gardner, John. Grendel

Jones, Stephen (ed.) The Mammoth Book of Frankenstein

Pronzini, Bill (ed.) The Arbor House Necropolis

Shelley, Mary W. Frankenstein

Stevenson, R.L. The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde



Edghill, Rosemary. Book of Moons

Heidish, Marcy. The Torching: A novel

Hitchcock, Jane S. The Witches’ Hammer

Rice, Anne. Taltos: Lives of the Mayfair Witches;  The Witching Hour;   Lasher

Waugh, Charles G. Yankee Witches

Wolcott, Jann A. Brujo: Seduced by Evil


Aickman, Robert. The Wine-Dark Sea

Bachman, Richard. Thinner

Baldick, Chris (ed.) The Oxford Book of Gothic Tales

Barker, Clive. The Books of Blood;  The Damnation Game

Bradbury, Ray. Something Wicked This Way Comes

Campbell, Ramsey. The Long Lost;  The Nameless

Card, Orson Scott. Lost Boys;   Treasure Box: A novel

Clark, Mary Higgins. A Cry in the Night

Doyle, Arthur Conan. Tales of Terror and Mystery; The Horror of the Heights and Other Stories

Du Maurier, Daphne. Daphne Du Maurier’s Classics of the Macabre

Gray, Muriel. The Trickster

Haining, Peter (ed.) The Nightmare Reader

Kahn, Joan. Some Things Dark and Dangerous

Kaye, Marvin (ed.) Masterpieces of Terror and the Supernatural: A Treasury of Spellbinding Tales Old & New

King, Stephen. Carrie;   Gerald’s Game;  Insomnia;  Night Shift; Nightmares & Dreamscapes;  The Shining; Skeleton Crew

Koontz, Dean R. Dragon Tears;   Hideaway;  Intensity: A novel

Lamb, Hugh (ed.) Victorian Tales of Terror

Levin, Ira. Rosemary’s Baby;  The Stepford Wives

Lovecraft, H.P. The Dunwich Horror and Others

Lutz, John. S.W.F. Seeks Same

Manley, Seon (ed.) Masters of the Macabre: An Anthology of Mystery, Horror, and Detection

McCammon, Robert R. Boy’s Life;  Mine

McCauley, Kirby (ed.). Frights: New Stories of Suspense and Supernatural Terror

Muller, Marcia (ed.) Witches Brew: Horror and Supernatural Stories by Women

Oates, Joyce Carol. Haunted: Tales of the Grotesque

Priest, Christopher. The Prestige

Protter, Eric (ed.) A Harvest of Horrors

Saul, John. Darkness;   The Homing;  Shadows

Stoker, Bram. The Bram Stoker Bedside Companion

Strieber, Whitley. Billy;   The Forbidden Zone;  Unholy Fire

Compiled by Amy Manson, Jamaica Plain Branch, Boston Public Library, 1997