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Fiction of the Vietnam War: Today: 1990s
Booklists for Adults

"Swear by the locust, by dragonflies on ferns, by the minnow's flash, the tremble of a breast, by the new earth spongy under our feet: that as we grow old, we will not grow evil, that although our garden seeps with sewage, and our elders think it's up for auction -- swear by this dazzle that does not wish to leave us -- that we will be keepers of a garden, nonetheless." --John Balaban from "In Celebration of Spring"

Berent, Mark. EAGLE STATION. Putnam, 1992.

Berent, Mark. PHANTOM LEADER. Putnam, 1991.

Berent, Mark. STEEL TIGER. Putnam, 1990.

Danziger, Jeff. RISING LIKE THE TUCSON. Doubleday, 1991.

Del Vecchio, John M. FOR THE SAKE OF ALL LIVING THINGS. Bantam, 1990.

Farish, Terry. FLOWER SHADOWS: A NOVEL. Morrow, 1992.

Frazier, Sandie. I MARRIED VIETNAM: A NOVEL. G. Braziller, 1992.

Grinstead, David. PROMISES OF FREEDOM. Crown, 1991.

Hasford, Gustav. THE PHANTOM BLOOPER. Bantam, 1990.

Heath, Layne. CW2. Morrow, 1990.

Keene, John. PETTIBONE'S LAW. Linden, 1991.

Kross, Walter. SPLASH ONE: AIR VICTORY OVER HANOI: A NOVEL. Brassey's 1991.

Leib, Franklin Allen. VALLEY OF THE SHADOW. Presidio, 1991.

McAfee, John P. SLOW WALK IN A SAD RAIN. Warner, 1993.

Michaels, Fern. FOR ALL THEIR LIVES. Ballantine, 1991.

O'Brien, Tim. THE THINGS THEY CARRIED: A WORK OF FICTION. Houghton Mifflin, 1990.

Peterson, Michael I. A TIME OF WAR. Pocket, 1990.

Stella, Charles. BLUE LIGHTNING: A NOVEL. Warner, 1990.

Vonnegut, Kurt. HOCUS POCUS. Putnam, 1990.

Selected and compiled by Moonyean Carlton, General Library Adult Services, Boston Public Library, 1993.