Herald-Traveler Photo Morgue
Collections of the Print Department

3rd Floor, McKim Building, Central Library


500,000 of the 650,000 photographs in the Print Department are from the Boston Herald-Traveler Photo Morgue, the one-time working photo archive of a major Boston newspaper. The collection covers the years from ca.1906 to 1972 when the newspaper shut down and was absorbed into the present day Boston Herald. The holdings include photographs by staff photographers, photo services and contributing photographers. The Morgue is organized into both biographical and subject files on local, national and international subjects.

Tin Peddler Plies His Wares in a Boston Neighborhood Photograph by Halliday Historic Photo -- 1905 Herald-Traveler Photo Morgue

Keeping Cool-Headed Carrying Block Ice on Fleet Street in the North End Photograph by Brust -- 1928 Herald-Traveler Photo Morgue

Tsar Nicholas II and Family Photograph -- 1913 Herald-Traveler Photo Morgue

Immigrants Awaiting Landing in, the Land of Milk & Honey, Photograph by Underwood &, Underwood -- c.1920, Herald-Traveler Photo Morgue

A Section of the Push Cart Army, on a Busy Saturday in the Market, District, Boston Photograph -- 1925, Herald-Traveler Photo Morgue

Bagging Wool in Textile Factory, Photograph -- 1909 Herald-Traveler, Photo Morgue