Boston Public Library
BPL Stories

from Florrie

by Gina Perille

Imagine a child telling a librarian all about a story she just read while watching the librarian type every word that she utters. This is a treasured memory from the Uphams Corner Summer Reading Club.  Oh, how I loved the stories of the twins from different counties. As I grew up, the library remained an integral part of my life.  I found new authors, new ideas, and more through the wonderful librarians’ suggestions, The library became an important resource to me while I attended a commuter college. Today, my library is the Jamaica Plain Branch of the BPL and it is still a big part of my life.  I get excited seeing and choosing new books, CDs, and DVDs. I appreciate the convenience of using the online library reservation system, but it is the librarians whom I cannot live without. And I have another favorite memory to treasure – my grandson participating in Barbara’s pajama story time at the Jamaica Plain Branch.