Boston Public Library
BPL Stories

from Skott

by Gina Perille

getting a card from the BPL has been one of the smartest things i’ve ever done. i have no idea why, but for some reason i totally forgot about how amazing it is. i go online, i find books / CDs / DVDs i want to borrow, i have them delivered to the branch closest to me and then within a few days i’m loaded with information!

i’ve been able to really dig into new kinds of music i wouldn’t really want to just buy straight away, like Blues and Jazz, i’ve been exposed to new operas that i never would have found, and i’m on the cusp of giving up my Netflix account because the BPL has just about everything i’d need!

and don’t even get me started on the books. EVERYTHING. and the things they don’t have you can go out and buy them because of all the $$ you’re saving by using the library as often as you will be.

it’s an amazing resource and it’s reentry into my life has been one of my favorite things this year.