Etch A Sketch King

by Anna

Consider the Etch A Sketch for a moment. It’s a child’s toy. Something that was invented fifty years ago this year. What’s so special about it? Well, you can draw on it, erase what you drew and draw something else in its place. Normally, when you think about drawing on one of these nifty little devices, you think of stick figures or maybe intricate boxes, right?

But what about drawing a portraite of the president on one? Don’t think you can? Think again. Artist George Vlosich III, has been drawing complicated pictures on these toys since he was a kid, and his work now hangs in museums and other places of great art. He’s considered the Etch A Sketch King. How does he manage to ship his art across country without it disappearing off the screen? Check out this article to read all about it:


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