Response on Domestic Abuse – A Teen Poem

by Anna

Here is another poem written for yesterday’s “Words In Hand” poetry workshop. This is written by Brianna at the Central Library. It started out as Black Out poetry, where she blacked out the words she didn’t want from a newspaper article, but it quickly turned itself into Found Poetry as she pulled the words out, wrote them down, and added a slew of her own words. Check it out, this is one poem on domestic violence you don’t want to miss!

Response on Domestic Abuse, Without the Fame and Fortune

It has been approximately one and a half years, 18 months, 540 days,  Since I have been with my


 Every second of it took my breath away whenever his hands were trying to prevent it from

 Getting anywhere.

I always thought that he wouldn’t hurt a fly just by looking into his hands, while every trade

 Mark showed that he was god’s reborn son.

My love grew founder for him when his eyes looked like it was god’s imagery. His face was so

 Perfect that it looked like he was god’s favorite son.


But the text message from other women felt like his only plans came from his desire to

 Touch without love.

It seemed like he was living in his fantasy, which left me in the cold that ended us in a devils


 It was as if he loved from below his waist instead of inside his chest.

 It was like his hits meant I love you and his saliva on my face meant I will always be here for

You and I am going to beat the “f” out of you when you get home.


I felt like if I told the police when they arrived on the scene, they would care about women

Telling them she was physically assaulted by her husband, Donald Pillsbury.

But I guess since I am women who lacks Rihanna’s international profile, I get less attitude and

 Less outrage.

Since Rihanna gets lots of tender and care from a person she never seen in her life that is on her

 fan list.

But I don’t understand, how come my scares don’t matter to you.  How come majority pushes

I out the way and celebs get a tender help and hand.

As if my scares are another scum on the wall and Rihanna’s scares are so horrible that can cause

world war two.

But do I have to have rihanna glamour or her fortune to get a hug from people who have gods



A boyfriend named Christopher Brown and a name like Robyn Rihanna Fenty to get attention

 and awareness from people who are clones and slaves in popularity’s fields.

 Sexual lyrics in my songs so horny men can save me by what’s under their waist.

No!!! I am a woman that desires respect and justice.

Women that desires care from a police men that is supposed to be doing his or her job.


Domestic violence affects “young, old, rich, poor, urban, saburban, every race, every sexual

Orientation, regardless of income and education.

So I will be damned if I get told by a police that my situation doesn’t matter because I am not a


But it took me two and a half years, 18 months and 540 days to realize that my boyfriend was


And I will be damned if I get stomped on by feet that is that leads only the heart for the


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