Teen Photographers – A Booklist

by lkoenig

May is National Photo Month! I hope you’ll celebrate by taking some fun pictures of your own, but here’s another way to celebrate photography – read a great book about a teen who loves taking pictures! Here are a few good novels with teens who are budding photographers – you can also click through to see the full list and to check the books out through the library catalog.

Flash Burnout by L.K. Madigan

When Blake takes a picture of a woman on the street for his photography project, he never dreamed that the woman in his picture was the long-lost, meth-addicted mother of his friend. Blake’s picture brings him closer to his friend Marissa, which starts some problems with his girlfriend. Blake has to try to be be a good friend and a good boyfriend, while also being true to himself in some difficult situations.

Chopsticks: A Novel by Jessica Anthony and Rodrigo Corrall

Teen piano prodigy Glory has disappeared, and the only clues are in her scrapbook. While the reader pages through the scrapbook they see the story of Glory’s life, and her romance with Francisco, unfold through her photographs, art, postcards, and other scraps. But more and more strange coincidences peek through in Glory’s photos and scraps of paper – how much of her story is real?

Famous by Todd Strasser

All 14-year-old Jamie has ever wanted to do is take pictures of celebrities. When she snaps a few unflattering shots of celebrities Jamie suddenly becomes a paparazzi protege. She has a chance for her big break – a week shooting superstar Willow Twine, who has just come out of rehab. But when Jamie’s camera disappears during a party and is discovered later with extremely damaging photos of Willow, Jamie might be in over her head.

I Am J by Cris Beam

J was born Jennifer, but has hoped all his life that one day he would wake up with the body of a boy. He is just starting to learn what it means to be transgender, and what that will mean to his relationships with family and friends. J uses his talent for photography to explore his world and his changing identity, and through his photography he starts to learn that his perspective on the world is unique and beautiful and worth sharing.