Book Recommendations from a Library Teen

by lkoenig

Teen Library user Luis P. from the Grove Hall branch wants to share some book recommendations with you! Here he is to tell you why readers who loved The Hunger Games should try Matched by Allie Condie. After that he gets into the head of the main character from Jeff Hirsch’s The Eleventh Plague to give you a little taste of the story. Enjoy!

I compare this book to The Hunger Games. The governments are the same in some ways, they treat different areas of the country different. Some areas are poor and some areas are rich. People are treated different. There are abberations and officials almost like in The Hunger Games. In Matched the government makes sure that people stay healthy, in The Hunger Games the government does not care about its citizens. In both books the government also keeps secrets from its citizens. In The Hunger Games people could choose who they marry. In Matched the government chooses where you work, where you live, and where you love.

Today my grandfather has died. He died in his sleep which is a peaceful way to die. My dad has been digging his grave all day. I keep telling him to take his gold ring and we could trade it for some food. It’s getting dark and my father is almost done digging the hole. My grandfather was a good person, he always told us to do things that will help us survive. I’ve decided to go to the abandoned mall. Plants fill everything in the mall, vines overgrow on the walls and ceiling. I need to find something good to trade. I catch up to my dad, he already buried the body. We have to start moving.