Sister Souljah Contest and Author Talk. Meet one of the Winners!

by mdevine

Antaliyah shared this poem:


Winter is cold

And I ain’t talking about the weather

She’s a girl, a fierce young adult….that’s all about herself.

Winter, the cold one

She’s stuck on Midnight

And I ain’t talking about nighttime

I’m talking about a tall, dark and handsome one

And he doesn’t pay Winter any mind

Winter, freezing cold

Had everything she ever wanted

Winter was spoiled and rotten

Ricky Santiaga brought her anything she ever wanted

But she kept wanting more and more.

Then day after day…

Night after night

She ended up with nothing..

Hopeless…and in trouble.

Winter is a perfect example of a spoiled brat who had everything in the beginning but ended up having nothing.


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