Video Game Development Program Review

by jsnow

Hello my fellow gamers! It’s Jorge, back again, filling you all in on one of the programs we participated in recently. In our computer lab, we had a student from Wentworth College by the name of Bertrand guide us through a series of game developing techniques on the widely used software known as Unity. This software has been used for multiple console and mobile titles, including “Deus Ex: The Fall” and “Temple Run (1 and 2)”. The program went on every Tuesday for four consecutive weeks, and then came to an end. The template we used was a 3D platform game called RollerBall. The template used a ball, a “ground level” surface, and rotating collectibles. Although this was a learning experience for my peers and I, I wish to have a more in-depth, immersive experience in our upcoming program (also with Bertrand). If anybody may be interested in this program, you’re a lucky one! Bertrand will be returning to Teen Central on April 4th, and April 11th and 25th 2017 from 3:30 to 4:30! Come with us if you wish!