Boston Public Library

BPL Teen Librarians

Teens are always welcomed and served at all Boston Public Library locations.

Six library locations are specifically served by Teen Librarians:


Mary D, Teen Room, Central Library at Copley SquareMary Devine, Teen Room, Central Library at Copley Square
mdevine @ / 617-859-2334

Favorite book: Croak by Gina Damico

Wasting time on the internet: Play games and chat with my friends on Facebook. Researching my family tree.

Fun fact: I went to the 2000 Sydney Olympics to watch the Tae Kwon Do events.



Anna D, Teen Room, Central Library at Copley SquareAnna Draves, Teen Room, Central Library at Copley Square
adraves @ / 617-859-2334

Favorite book: I can never pick just one! So, here’s a few: Mossflower by Brian Jacques; Croak, Scorch, and Rogue by Gina Damico; Wraeththu by Storm Contsantine; and Beautiful Music For Ugly Children by Kristin Cronn-Mills.

Wasting time on the internet: Goodreads.

Fun fact: I like to knit scarves.



John K, Hyde Park BranchJohn Kenney, Teen Librarian Hyde Park Branch
jkenney @ / 617-361-2524

Favorite Book: Umberto Eco’s Baudolino

Wasting time on the internet: News sites, flight sim forums, Formula 1 and American Le Mans, Crunchyroll and other Anime

Fun fact: I drive a little two seat convertible




Laura K, Grove Hall BranchLaura Koenig, Head of Central Library Youth ServicesCentral Library at Copley Square
lkoenig @ / 617-859-2328

Favorite book: I hate this question - it’s too hard! Today I’ll say Dairy Queen by Catherine Gilbert Murdock, but this answer is subject to change.

Wasting time on the internet: GOOD helps me remember that the world is awesome & The Mary Sue caters to all my girl-geek needs.

Fun Fact: I have spent New Year’s Eve on four different continents and plan to do all seven before I die.



Veronica K-M, DudleyVeronica Koven-Matasy, Teen Librarian, Dudley Branch
vkovenmatasy @ / 617-442-6186 x3108

Favorite book: You can’t ask a librarian that, it’s like asking a parent to pick a favorite child! But I do have a favorite author, Robin McKinley. (And maybe my favorite of her books, most of the time, is Sunshine, because it has so many things I love — baking! books! magic! vampires! But DON’T TELL THE OTHER BOOKS.)

Wasting time on the internet: I’m pretty sure that Tumblr was put on this earth specifically to wreck my productivity. And I spend a lot of time talking with friends who live far away from me on Twitter.

Fun fact: I spent eleven years studying Latin before I decided to chuck it all and become a librarian! I even spent a summer in Rome learning to speak Latin from the man who did official translations for the Pope.



Angela V, Mattapan BranchAngela Veizaga, Youth Services Librarian East Boston
aveizaga @ / 617-569-0271

Favorite book: 1. One Hundred Years of Solitude 2. Their Eyes Were Watching God 3. A Tree Grows in Brooklyn 4. The Giver 5. American Gods

Wasting time on the internet: 1. Pinterest 2. Refinery29 3. Tumblr 4. Twitter 5. Pitchfork

Fun fact: 1. I was born in Bolivia 2. I own a harmonica 3. I love my morning jacket 4. I speak Spanish 5. I like making top 5 lists.



Jessi Snow, Youth Services CoordinatorJessi Snow, Youth Services Coordinator for BPL
jsnow @ / 617-859-2335

Favorite Book: The Dirt by Motley Crue

Wasting time on the internet: Suri’s Burn Book

Fun fact: I grew up raising chickens




About the Artist

Sarah Winifred Searle, Illustrator & AuthorSarah Winifred Searle was born in Portland, Maine on Antonio Banderas’ 27th birthday, and from a very early age she was in a polyamorous relationship with her two greatest loves: visual storytelling and history.

At the time Sarah created the Teen Librarian art for this page, she was taking evening classes from Harvard University Extension School in Humanities and Visual Arts to turn her Associates into a Bachelors and earn an academic balance to her professional degree. She also spent her days in a little office at the Boston Public Library as Children’s Writer-in-Residence, where she was writing and illustrating a graphic novel about family history and ghost lore from her hometown.

She spends her nights in a suburban apartment with a cat known as Kitty, a chinchilla called Creepus, and a human named Joe. And she loves her life. She truly does.  Sarah created the avatars for Mary, Anna, John, Laura, Angela and Jessi.