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Twilight Extravaganza!!!

Posted on November 4th, 2011 by Anna in Books, Events, Movies
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Come to the Teen Room at the Central Library for a Twilight Extravaganza!

We’ll be showing the movie Eclipse!

Marketers for the Twilight series will be on hand with PRIZES and  MOVIE TICKETS for Breaking Dawn part 1! So you definitely DON’T WANT TO MISS THIS!!!

There will be a TRIVIA GAME, COSTUME CONTEST, or you can just WEAR RED for the event, if you don’t have a costume.

Everything starts at 3:30pm and happens on November 10th. That’s NEXT THURSDAY! Put it on your calendar, and don’t forget!

We’d love to see you here!

Social Networking for LGBTQ Book Lovers and Lady Gaga

Posted on November 2nd, 2011 by Anna in Books, Movies
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I’d like to take a moment to talk about books. Specifically YA LGBTQ books. I know that’s one heck of an alphabet soup, isn’t it? YA stands for Young Adult, otherwise known as Teen. And LGBTQ stands for Lesbian, Gay, Bi, Transgender, and Questioning. But, you knew all that already, didn’t you.

For those of you who don’t know www.goodreads.com is a social networking site geared toward book lovers. There, you can keep track of the books you’ve read, liked, hated, or books you want to read. You can write reviews, talk to others who felt the same way about a book you read, and join in group discussions.

There are groups for fans of a specific author, or fans of a specific genre, even fans of other things like knitting, or football. Whatever group you’re dreaming of, it’s probably there. And if it’s not, feel free to create it!

Why do I mention this? I’ve heard from many teens who visit the Copley Teen Room that there aren’t enough LGBTQ books in our collection. I’m working furiously to change that, but I wanted to give you guys a heads up that there IS a Goodreads group specifically for YA LGBTQ books and those people who read them. How fricken cool is that?!?! Yeah, that’s what I said when I found out!

The group is called “YA LGBT Books”. All you need to do is join Goodreads for free, and then join the group within the website. They have a monthly book group that nominates a different book to read each month and then they discuss it once it’s read. You can join in! Feel free to nominate your favorite books, and read the book of the month. It is here you can find more LGBTQ books than you ever thought were possible to exist. So check them out, and start reviewing them today!

And if you should find something you think we should have in our teen collection, be it LGBTQ or not, let us know! We want to order what you want to read. Otherwise, what’s the point?

Now, I know I mentioned Lady Gaga in the title of this post. Why? Because I found an awesome fan video done to one of her songs, featuring a gay wedding twist I thought you might like. Check it out below:

Pac-Man the Musical? You bet!

Posted on October 5th, 2011 by Anna in Movies
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For those of you who are familiar with the video game Pac-Man, and who isn’t? Here’s a musical version of the game with the ghosts singing about how they each want to eat him. Watch and see if he manages to escape before they do!

Movie Items You Just Gotta Have!

Posted on September 8th, 2011 by Anna in Movies
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So it looks like Nike has produced the awesomely awesome self-tying shoes Marty McFly had in the movie Back to the Future II which came out in 1989.

What other movies had super cool things you just gotta have in the real life that doesn’t exist… yet? Is there anything you’d like to figure out a way to make yourself? Let us know in a comment below!

2011 Teen Summer Reading Video Contest

Posted on February 24th, 2011 by Anna in Books, Contests, Movies
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The 2011 Teen Video Challenge!

The Boston Public Library is participating in the teen statewide theme for 2011, You Are Here. What does that mean?

It means Boston area teens have the opportunity to create a PSA promoting the Teen Summer Library Program theme, You Are Here. Each participating state will have one winning video; the winners will receive $250.00 AND the winner’s library will receive $100.00!

Be sure to visit this website to learn more, read the How to Enter section:


Teens, create your video following the How to Enter guidelines and post it on YouTube.  The contest is open to any legal U.S. resident living in MA aged 13-18.

All forms, including entry and model releases are available at the above link. Additionally, you can find audio downloads and art to use in your videos on the collaborative website. Entry forms are due by March 1, 2010 (EEP! That’s next week!)  and winners will be announced in April, 2011! There will be one winner per state.

The winning video will be used for promoting the 2011 Library Summer Program!