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Job Readiness Programs

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Are you ready to apply for SuccessLink in February?   SuccessLink is one of the best ways you can apply for jobs in the summer as well as through the school year.  You apply in mid February choosing organizations that you would be interested in working for like the Boston Public Library, Franklin Park Zoo, 826 Boston and more.  You can learn some great job ready skills to help prepare you for jobs when you finish school.  Check on the Division of Youth Engagement and Employment and here on the BPL Teen page for more information to sign up.

Here are some other ways to help prepare you to become job ready;

Are you interested in learning about possible jobs and/or careers?  How about getting ready to apply for jobs, steps you may need? Come and learn from some professionals in different fields you may be interested in.  The below programs are in Teen Central, Central Library 700 Boylston Street 617-859-2334

February 8, 2016 4:00 pm

Carrie Dirats, Stage Manager, Boston Ballet

Elizabeth Fitzsimons, Outreach Manager for the Aquarium’s sustainable seafood program at the New England Aquarium

Josh Turka, Executive Chef at the Salty Pig

February 22, 2016 4:00 pm

Lisa Quinones, Veterinary Technician, Angell Hospital, Massachusetts Society of Prevention of Cruelty to Animals  (MSPCA)

Jeff Lindsey, Technology Access Manager, Boston Public Library

Siobhan Scanlon, Global Chief Client Officer, C Space (Formerly Communispace)

February 19, 2016 3:00-4:30

Get your resume put together.  Do you have a resume or would you like help in getting it better shape? ABCD presents a resume workshop

March 1, 2016 5:00-6:30

Standing Out in the Interview Process.  Presented by the Division of Youth Engagement and Employment

March 8, 2016 5:00 pm

Career: What Employers Value.  Presented by the Division of Youth Engagement and Employment


High School Redesign Boston

Posted on December 23rd, 2015 by chalpin@private.bpl.org in Teen Services

Over the course of the past few weeks the Mayor’s Office of Education and Boston Public Schools have been holding Design Sprints as part of the High School Redesign initiative. The initiative looks to create a vision for our Boston Public High Schools that affords every student access to high-quality education that meets the needs of students and prepares them for their future lives. According to the High School Redesign Boston website (http://highschoolredesign-boston.org/abouthsred/),

“We need graduates who are creative problem-solvers, critical thinkers with the ability to analyze, reason, and synthesize. We need people who collaborate and can work well in teams. People with strong communication and technology skills. Many of our high schools need updating, to provide the tools for success in college and career today.”

After establishing design principles with students, educators, administrators, families, and community partners over the summer of 2015, the Design Sprints were sessions that encouraged creative thinking and collaboration to ideate around the specific topics of, Partnerships, Programming, Infrastructure, and Student Experience. Each of these topics was the focus of a single Design Sprint, and these individual sessions were framed around the following questions:

  • Infrastructure: How can schools’ space, technology, and resources support and enhance learning and build community?
  • Programming: What’s the future of educational content? How do we ensure that learning is engaging to students as well as relevant and cognitively demanding?
  • Partnerships: How can connections and relationships with people and organizations outside of school propel students to a successful future?
  • Student Experience: How can we encourage students to take ownership of their learning experiences? In what ways should their relationships with teachers and administrators evolve?
Design Sprint participants get creative about Infrastructure and dream about what an ideal Study Hall space could look like.

Design Sprint participants get creative about Infrastructure and dream about what an ideal Study Hall space could look like.

Further thought during the Design Sprints was then given to imagining how the following principles will be integrated into the vision for each topic:

  • WHOLE PERSON – Learning must encompass every aspect of the individual—academic, social, emotional, cultural, and physical.
  • RIGOROUS – Cognitively demanding work is necessary to engage and stimulate our students on a daily basis.
  • DYNAMIC – Personalized experiences promote passion, creative exploration, and diversity of thought.
  • EXPANSIVE – Meaningful connections within and beyond the classroom, help our students build pathways to future success.

Coming in the spring of 2016, the feedback and input gathered during the Design Sprints will be incorporated into a future vision that will then be shared again with the public.

To learn more visit, http://highschoolredesign-boston.org/ and follow the conversation online, #HSReD.

Creating Teen Spaces: Looking at Cutting Edge Libraries

Posted on November 30th, 2015 by Mary in Teen Services
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Many libraries throughout the United States are creating new teen spaces from scratch or re-inventing their old teen spaces to be a lively and vibrant learning environment for Teens. Teen Central of the Boston Public Library, Central Library was opened in February 2015. The Teen Leadership Council, formerly the Teen Advisory Group, assisted with the design of Teen Central along with staff, the design firm and architects to create a space that teens would love and help bridge the digital divide. The philosophy of Teen Central follows the theme of “HOMAGO – Hang out, Mess Around and Geek Out”.  Teens enjoy using the Media Lounge for gaming and watching videos; a seating area where teens can “hang out”, work on their homework and meet new friends; and a state of the art Digital Lab where they can enhance their skills while learning about new softwares that can help them during high school,  college and their future careers. Programs in Teen Central are driven by teen input such as 3D design, learning how to code, college preparedness and author visits.  Teen Central has seen a 45% jump in visits to the space since February 2015.


Teen Central recently was highlighted in an article by School Library Journal on November 30, 2015, along with other libraries throughout the United States, which have recently opened new teen-driven spaces.  To check out the article from School Library Journal, “New Spaces from Coast to Coast by Ryann Uden, go to http://bit.ly/1QPZgcF.

boston-pl-600x400 teen central

Sister Souljah Author Event

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Sister Souljah will be speaking in Teen Central at the Central Library on Tuesday, December 1 at 6 p.m. Seating is on a first come basis.

Sister Souljah

Sister Souljah will be talking about her new book, A Moment of Silence – Midnight III, which was released on November 11, 2015, as well as her other books, Midnight, Midnight and the Meaning of Love, also part of the Midnight series. Other books she has published are The Coldest Winter Ever, A Deeper Love Inside, and No Disrespect. You can find copies of her books in our catalog at http://bit.ly/1ImWy6w

Copies of her new book, A Moment of Silence – Midnight III, and her other books will be on sale.


  souljah midnight        souljah midnight and the meaning of love        a moment of silence

Sister Souljah Contest and Author Talk. Meet one of the Winners!

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Antaliyah shared this poem:


Winter is cold

And I ain’t talking about the weather

She’s a girl, a fierce young adult….that’s all about herself.

Winter, the cold one

She’s stuck on Midnight

And I ain’t talking about nighttime

I’m talking about a tall, dark and handsome one

And he doesn’t pay Winter any mind

Winter, freezing cold

Had everything she ever wanted

Winter was spoiled and rotten

Ricky Santiaga brought her anything she ever wanted

But she kept wanting more and more.

Then day after day…

Night after night

She ended up with nothing..

Hopeless…and in trouble.

Winter is a perfect example of a spoiled brat who had everything in the beginning but ended up having nothing.


Sister Souljah will be at Teen Central on Tuesday, December 1 at 6 p.m.