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Alex Sanchez

Posted on May 1st, 2010 by Anna in Books, Events

A week ago today, we had an amazing author (Alex Sanchez) give a talk about what it was like moving to the states from Mexico when he was five, growing up gay, and how he found his way to writing LGBTQ books for teens today.  He spoke to a small crowd of about 25 teens, including a few adults. After his talk, he had a question/answer session and then hung around to talk to everyone who had more questions or just wanted to talk.

I think everyone who was there can attest that he’s a wonderful person to talk to, as well as a great author!

Thanks to everyone who attended for making it such a great event! And the greatest thanks to Alex Sanchez for coming to the BPL!

If you’re wondering what books he’s written, here’s a list to date:

Rainbow Trilogy (Rainbow Boys, Rainbow High, Rainbow Road)


Getting It

The God Box

So Hard To Say

Day of Silence is Today!

Posted on April 16th, 2010 by Anna in Events

Today is National Day of Silence.  www.dayofsilence.org

Your Teen Librarians here at Copley have pledged to  make everyone feel comfortable regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity, and are participating by switching off every other hour so there is always someone here to help you! The easiest way to tell which one of us is participating in any given hour is by the book binding tape we’ll be wearing over our mouths.

What are YOU doing to end the silence faced by many bullied LGBTQ teens? Here in the Teen Room we still have a few t-shirts left from yesterday, so feel free to stop by and create a shirt in support of Day Of Silence and LGBTQ youth.

We also have free wristbands, stickers, and PostIt notes explaining the reason why you chose to take the vow of silence today.

And, at 2pm we’re showing the movie RENT! There will be food available too!

If you’re on twitter, feel free to follow @dayofsilence!  And make sure you put #dayofsilence in your posts!

Day Of Silence

Posted on April 5th, 2010 by Anna in Events, Resources

Friday, April 16th is Day Of Silence (DOS)!

What is DOS? “On the National Day of Silence hundreds of thousands of students nationwide take a vow of silence to bring attention to anti-LGBT name-calling, bullying and harassment in their schools. Founded in 1996, the Day of Silence has become the largest single student-led action towards creating safer schools for all, regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression.” – Gay Lesbian Straight Education Network (www.GLSEN.org)

What are we doing for DOS this year? Come to the Teen Room at Copley the afternoon before (Thursday, April 15th @ 3pm) to collect stickers, wrist bands, and PostIt notes explaining why you’ve chosen to take a vow of silence in preparation of DOS. Also in preparation we will have t-shirts for your own designing fun to show off your LGBTQ PRIDE and SUPPORT all day Friday.

On April 16th we will be showing the awesome Broadway Musical (turned movie) RENT at 2pm.

Why have DOS only in schools? Your local teen librarians here at Copley are participating. What about YOU?

Alex Sanchez is Coming!

Posted on March 6th, 2010 by Anna in Books, Events

There are big, exciting things afoot at the Copley branch of the Boston Public Library next month!

What’s that, you ask?

Why, Alex Sanchez is coming, of course!

I’ve never heard of him. Who’s that?

He’s the author of several Lesbian, Gay, Bi, Transgender, and Questioning (LGBTQ) books for teens such as Rainbow Boys, Rainbow High, and Rainbow Road. He is also the author of award wining books, also covering tough LGBTQ topics, like his novels Bait, So Hard To Say, and Getting It.

What’s he doing at the library?

Alex Sanchez will be talking about LGBTQ issues as well as his books, answering frequently asked questions for both, and will also be signing books with new books on hand for purchase.

When will this be happening?

April 24, 2010 @ 2pm.

Where will this happen?

Alex will be in the Mezzanine Conference Room of the Copley branch of the BPL.

I’ve never even been to Copley! Where the heck is that?!?! Is that, like, on Mars, or something?

The main branch of the BPL, otherwise known as Copley, is at

700 Boylston St. Boston, MA 02116, United States of America, Earth (not Mars).

Have any other questions about the event? Feel free to contact the Teen Room at the following phone number: 617-859-2334.

Woot! Alex Sanchez is coming! *Rainbow confetti falls in celebration of this awesome fact!*