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MattapAnime Host Club minutes / August 9, 2010

Posted on March 2nd, 2012 by admin in Events

The MattapAnime Host Club (formerly known as the Mattapan Manga and Anime Club) met today from 2-4. Here’s what we discussed:

We want to have a Cosplay Party!!! Sometime in late September of October looks best, we’ll be narrowing this soon.  Hopefully lots of people will come in costume as their favorite anime or manga character. Clayton’s going to look into the availability of a button machine to create buttons for the party / club. We also talked about creating ties that people could wear who don’t come in costume. Having FOOD is essential to the party. Everyone should be encouraged to bring a special Japanese treat. Najah already has a grooveshark playlist for the music!

MattapAnime Teen Host Club minutes for 8/30/2010

Posted on August 30th, 2010 by admin in Events

The MattapAnime Teen Host Club met today at its regular time – 2-4. The next meeting will be in two weeks on Monday, September 13th. Today we started planning for our first COSPLAY PARTY!!! (Don’t know what Cosplay is? This is a decent article to help you out). We hope to have it on Tuesday, October 19th from 2-5. We want to have food & drink, music, and entertainment.

  • For Food and Drink, Cris said she’ll be drafting her sister Rebeca to make these cool rice crispie vampire creations. Najah volunteered to make vegetarian sushi. Cris is planning on making edible broomsticks. Clayton’s going to take a trip to a large Asian Supermarket and bring Pokey and whatever other cool Japanese treats he can find. He’ll also be getting drinks (soda, juice, water), napkins, chips, and chop sticks.
  • For Music, Najah’s going to create some playlists on Groove Shark and share them with us. We’ll then figure the best way to get some CDs to play on the library’s CD player.
  • For entertainment, we HAVE to play some Anime. Bleach was suggested. We’ll decide later exactly what we’ll watch. We talked about having chopsticks and something small that would challenge people to improve their chopstick skills – you can only eat what you can pick up with the chopsticks. Clayton’s going to look into getting different colors of playdough so we can make pretend playdough sushi. He’s also going to look into getting supplies to make candy sushi. We also talked about how fun it would be to have a trophy (maybe made of candy sushi?) for best costume.

If you’ve never read Death note & xxholic, everyone really thinks you should! Also, WATCH LUCKY STAR!!!

Another book was also recommended (but its not manga): How Starbucks Saved My Life.

Some awesome sketches were done for a club logo. I’m going to photograph them and upload them soon!

Holiday (Seasonal) Party

Posted on December 3rd, 2009 by bplteenblog in Events

Thursday, December 17 at 3:00 pm in the Copley Teen Room.

Food, Games, Pimp the Teen Room out for the season, and MORE!!!

617-839-2334, call for info.