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Poetry Slam Time at the BPL

Posted on February 11th, 2011 by Anna in Events

Wednesday night we had a very rousing Poetry Slam at the Copley branch of the BPL! It was hosted by the Teen Council and there was free coffee, hot chocolate, and doughnuts to give it the air and feeling of a real Poetry Slam. Besides, who doesn’t like free food? Especially when there’s sugar involved.


The night was a rousing success, and even others who came to watch took some time to prepare something to wow the crowd. There was poetry, singing, and even a little piano music thrown in for good measure. Overall, everyone seemed to have a great time, and rest assured, we’ll definitely be doing this again! 

Here are some pictures from the event:

Picture Winner!

Posted on November 18th, 2010 by jessika--intern in Contests

You might have noticed a new picture at the top of our blog. The picture is the first winner of the Blog Art Contest.

Our artist is Dhameer from the South End Branch of the BPL. We did have to crop the original just a smidge so it would fit, but you can view the full photo in the “choose the picture” page under Previous Winners.

We are so pleased to have such an awesome picture for our blog. Thanks, Dhameer!

And remember, if you want to submit a photo for the next round of voting, you can email a photo either of your work, or just a photo you took to bplteenblog@yahoo.com

Blog Art Contest

Posted on September 20th, 2010 by jessika--intern in Contests

We are going to have a monthly contest to determine the picture which appears as the Header of this blog.


  • Artist is 12-18 years old, living in Boston, MA
  • One entry per person per month
  • Artwork can be in any medium, such as photography, painting, graphic design, sculpture even, so long as you created the work. Submit a digital photo (or a digital photo of the artwork) to your friendly Teen Services Librarian, or to our blog email: bplteenblog@yahoo.com. Please include your name, library branch, and library card number along with your submission.

New work will be voted on by readers of the teen blog every month. You can see the current submissions and vote for your favorite under the “choose the picture” tab above.

This is your chance to get your artwork seen by tons of people around the city and (maybe) around the world.

If you don’t feel very artistic, this is your opportunity to decide how the Teen Blog looks. Vote for your favorite piece under the “choose the picture” tab.

Capturing The Moment: The Digital Photography Workshop for Everyone

Posted on July 1st, 2010 by Anna in Events

Capturing The Moment

This photography workshop will cover the basics of taking pictures with a digital camera.  You will learn how to carefully select your subject, visualize the results you wish to achieve, compose the photograph just right, and in the end, achieve those results you were seeking. 

Topics will include:

  • Composition (Should my subject stand off to the side or stay dead center?)
  • Camera modes and functions (What does that button do anyway?)
  • Post-processing  (I’ve taken the picture and uploaded it to my computer. Now what?)

This is a FREE workshop for any and all teens who are interested in learning how to take great photographs!  Even if you don’t want to become a professional photographer, the skills you are going to learn from this workshop will help you improve the picutres you post on facebook, flickr, or anywhere else you share photos with friends and family.  Take this workshop and amaze them all with your new skills!

Remember, it’s FREE and it’s FUN! You may bring your camera with you for one-on-one assistance, though having a camera is certainly not necessary for the workshop. A question and answer session will also follow.

July 10th @ 3pm in the Copley Mezzanine Conference Room.

If you want the flier for the workshop, click on the link at the top of this post.