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Super Zombification Day at Copley!

Posted on May 11th, 2011 by Anna in Events, Programs

 As many of you know, May is officially Zombie Awareness Month. The time to learn survival skills, spread word of the upcoming invasion, and dance to Thriller all night long.

Here at the Copley Teen Room Research Center, we are finding new ways of resisting or, in a worst case senario, assimilate into the slowly approaching horde. On May 10th we picked three lucky “volunteers” were ingeniously disguised as one of the undead. These perfectly disguised “volunteers” were taught basic zombie etiquette (i.e. moaning, brain eating, and all together ickiness). After our “volunteers” were thoroughly educated, they showed signs of believing that they were actually  infected. Even though Copley Teen Room Research Center hasn’t infected “volunteers” since the 1947 incident.

Dr. Von Maggenstein

 The disguises (again, flawless) were created by master face paint artists Dr. Von Maggenstein and her assistant Leon Katz. After the perfect disguises were applied the “volunteers” were taught the ancient undead dance known only as “Micheal Jackson’s Thriller”.

Leon Katz

For more evidnece of these extremely controversial tests, see photos below. Also, join us next year to be a “volunteer”. (Il)Legal note: Consent not needed for participation in this research study. Entering the CopleyTeen Room Research Center offers a moderate chance of Z-Virus infection. 

Update: A previous “volunteer” was found shrunken. I assume the scientists up in physics had something to do with it. Maybe because I never returned their pen… It’s a nice pen… I’m keeping it… She’s named Penelope…

-My Darkness Rain Down Upon Your Foes,

Leon Katz

Zombiecorns by John Green

Posted on March 8th, 2011 by Anna in Books

Zombicorns is a free ebook download from John Green you might want to check out if you like Zombies and John Green. Though he does have a disclaimer on the cover stating that there are no Unicorns in the 70 page story.

The following is from the novella’s introduction:

Dearest Reader,
This is a bad zombie apocalypse novella. It was written in a hurry. It is riddled with inconsistencies. And it never quite arrives at whatever point it sought to make. But remember: The $25 you donated to charity in exchange for this steaming mess of prose will help our species shuffle along, and I hope you’ll feel warmed by your good deed as you read. Thank you for decreasing the overall worldwide level of suck, and as they say in my hometown: Don’t forget to be awesome.

Best wishes!
John Green

* The book has been made available under creative commons license, so it can be acquired legally here:… :)

And, if you’d like to read reviews about it, check out it’s page: Some reviewers have even posted their own pictures of Zombie Unicorns which look so cool! Check it out!