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The Boston Public Library is both a community library and a research institution. We have resources on almost any topic you may wish. However, many millions of our books and materials are not yet listed in any catalog or database that can be searched electronically. We are working towards this goal, but it will take us many years and many millions of dollars to reach it.

Below is information about our various resources. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are not sure of which resource to use or cannot find what you are looking for. You may contact us by telephone (617-536-5400), online, by mail, or in person at any of our locations.

Boston Public Library Online Catalog

This catalog contains both the circulating and research collections of the Boston Public Library. These materials are listed in the catalog of the Metro-Boston Library Network (MBLN). MBLN is a cooperative resource-sharing network linking the resources of the public libraries of Boston, Chelsea, and Malden, the Massachusetts State Transportation Library, and the Boston Public Schools.

NOTE: Newspaper records in this catalog may not be complete in reflecting the holdings of the library. Years and dates listed in the item descriptions in this database indicate general publication information only. For more accurate information refer to the Lists of Newspapers.

List of newspapers currently received by the Boston Public Library

These are lists of the titles of newspapers currently subscribed to by the Boston Public Library. There is one listing for U.S. newspapers, that is listed by state/territory. The other is for non-U.S. newspapers, listed by geographic area and then nation.

Special collections

These subjects represent broad areas in which the Library has holdings in monographs, serials, government documents, scores, microfilm, maps, manuscripts, photographs, prints, and sound recordings and other formats. Patrons are encouraged to ask research departments about materials in their specific research topic or field.