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BPL Mobile Catalog for Apple iOS, Android, and Mobile Web

The Boston Public Library now has a version of our catalog tailored to your smartphone or tablet computer. When you visit our online catalog using your mobile device, you'll see an interface formatted especially for smaller screens. Use it to:

If you own an Android* or Apple mobile device, our free BPL Mobile apps offer even more features than the mobile web:

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For Android* devices For iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad

Other Notes

Other libraries are able to scan library card barcodes from the screen of mobile devices. The Boston Public Library is not able to do this with our current barcode readers. Please remember to bring your plastic library card with you when you visit our locations so you will have no trouble checking out material.

* Android devices which cannot access the Google Play Store, such as the Amazon Kindle Fire, will be unable to install the Android app. These devices should still be able to use the mobile web version of the online catalog, however.

If your Kindle Fire Silk browser does not display the mobile web version of the catalog by default: