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Profiles – Miriam Carrasquillo, Library Assistant; Member, Staff Compass Committee

by Gina Perille

“As soon as I started here, I knew it was my place,” declares Miriam Carrasquillo. That was more than 24 years ago, and Miriam has since served the library in a number of departments, including rare books, music, and now human resources.

Over the years, she has observed a sharp increase in the number of immigrants coming to Boston from other countries. “Some don’t speak much English at the beginning, and they don’t know what programs are available,” she says. “They come to the library as a place to find that information in this country. It’s a place of knowledge. A place to start.”

Another change she has seen taking place is the shift toward the internet. “I’ve seen how people are using computers more than books now,” she says. “Click click is what people are requiring more often, not encyclopedias and yellow pages.”

Miriam is proud that the Boston Public Library is the oldest public library in the nation, and, as a member of the Staff Compass Committee, she is dedicated to honoring that history while ensuring that the library continues moving forward, in step with technology. “Being part of an institution that helps the community—it’s a privilege,” she says.