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Johnson Building Improvement Project: Architect Selected

by David Leonard

William Rawn Associates has been chosen to lead the master planning phase of the Johnson Building study. The contract allows for the option to continue through formal design and construction should the project get approved to go forward either in full or in part. As is noted in previous posts, planning and envisioning meetings are underway and will broaden in the coming weeks and months to gather input from many sources including staff and members of the public. The overall project team also includes:

  • Byrne McKinney & Associates for market research on commercial viability of potential space, should the library decide to include such options in the final plan.
  • Pinnacle Consulting, who is assisting Byrne McKinney & Associates, and will be focused on the commercial viability of day conference space, an idea that could include refurbishment of Rabb Lecture Hall and nearby rooms.
  • Engineering consulting firm TMP, who are helping to assess the health of Johnson building systems and infrastructure along with the level of difficulty involved in any substantial renovations.

It will be the task of William Rawn Associates to incorporate all of the feedback and analysis into an integrated plan while working with BPL and the city’s Public Facilities Department to narrow the options based on project goals and the library’s mission. The next six months will involve a multi-track process to develop a master plan for those sections of the building in direct project scope and those that involve relocated services.

William Rawn Associates was chosen for their extensive architectural and design experience, knowledge with public library projects in Boston, and their processes around envisioning and stakeholder engagement. Some may recognize the firm as the group that designed the BPL’s Mattapan Branch as well as the new East Boston Branch currently under construction.

Send questions about the Johnson Building project to You are also always welcome to comment directly on this blog or send a letter to the BPL via 700 Boylston Street, Boston MA 02116.

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