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Wayfinding at the Central Library in Copley Square

by Mary Frances O'Brien

The Central Library Wayfinding Project will take a big step forward this summer as it enters the fabrication and installation phases. Library staff and users will begin to see the first elements of the comprehensive signage and wayfinding system in the coming months. The first signs will be focused on identifying rooms, elevators, and other named spaces. Restrooms will be prominently marked and the hardware for directional signs will be fast-tracked. When completed, the wayfinding system will have more than 500 pieces and include almost 60 different design elements.

The system was designed to facilitate easy updates to information about the building and its services. Temporary relocations of services and collections associated with the first phase of the Johnson Building Improvement Project will be reflected in the signage system. Collections will be clearly identified and the map updated as the moves occur. Pictured below are context renderings, depictions of what some of the elevator lettering will look like.

Context Rendering for BPL

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