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Timetable for Phase 1: Johnson Building Improvement Project

by Eamon Shelton

As noted in summertime posts (here and here), construction of the initial phase of the Johnson Improvement Project is set to begin in December 2013. This phase will include the renovation of the second floor of the Johnson building. In preparation, all of the services and collections on the second floor will be relocated prior to construction.

The second floor will be closed to the public in October in order to facilitate the necessary moves. The book collections will either be temporarily relocated elsewhere at the Central Library or transferred to the Archival Center, remaining available to circulate by request. There will be a brief period during the move when some of the second-floor collections may be unavailable.

Planned locations are as follows:

  • the second-floor nonfiction collection will be moved to the first floor with a pair of exceptions:
    • second-floor nonfiction business books are now located in the Central Library’s Kirstein Business Library, located on the concourse level of the Johnson Building
    • second-floor nonfiction arts books will be moved to the Arts Department, located on the third floor of the McKim Building
  • smaller collections already on the first floor — such as travel, romance, DVDs and CDs, and new fiction — will be shifted to new first-floor locations
  • the second-floor Johnson reference desk service and reference collection will be relocated to the Boylston Room on the second floor of the McKim Building
  • the microtext desk and service, currently on the second floor of the Johnson Building, will be moved to the Washington Room, on the second floor of the McKim Building.

One special note: the microtext department and the reference desk may be unavailable on the day they move.

We will continue to post continuing updates to this blog, on our project display, and during our public roundtable meetings. Most importantly, staff at the library are available to answer questions and provide directions during this transition. The Central Library’s comprehensive wayfinding system is also nearing its installation phase, which will provide additional assistance in finding materials.

The first phase of construction is scheduled to be complete in the fall of 2014. Subsequent phases are still in the early planning stages.

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