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Central Library Renovation: Concrete Slab Demolition

by mschuler

Demolition of the first floor and mezzanine levels of the Central Library’s Johnson building is underway, a significant part of the second phase of the Central Library Renovation. Construction workers are removing the walls on the first floor and portions of the mezzanine level on the Boylston Street side of the Johnson building to create open travel paths and views as part of the building’s interior redesign. This multi-step process involves structural shoring and the use of heavy demolition equipment to chip away at the concrete, rebar, block, and brick. As a result of the construction, library visitors and staff on the second floor may feel vibrations and hear construction-related noises from the floors below. The demolition work is scheduled to be completed by the end of September and is a major project milestone in the second phase of the renovation, slated for completion in Summer 2016. The below diagrams are from William Rawn Associates’ Master Plan presentation, June 2013.

concrete slab demolition93demo2


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