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     The Boston Public Library's magazines and serials are listed in our catalog.
NOTE: The Boston Public Library currently subscribes to over 20,000 magazines, journals, etc. All materials in the Main Library, Copley Square, are for in-building use only. Many branches also have small collections (less than 100 titles) of some of the more popular magazines. They usually keep these for two years. These can oftentimes be borrowed by going to the branches (you cannot place a reserve request on them).

List of newspapers currently received by the Boston Public Library.
These are lists of the titles of newspapers currently subscribed to by the Boston Public Library. There is one listing for U.S. newspapers, that is listed by state/territory. The other is for non-U.S. newspapers, listed by geographic area and then nation.

Web sites for local, national and international newspapers and media
See News and media

How to contact publishers - magazine, newspaper and journal publishers' contact information - often including links to websites.

The Library's reference department, General Reference, has additional resources for locating contact information for publishers.
     The Library also provides reference over the telephone 617-536-5400 and electronically.

Check citations and browse Tables of Contents of thousands of journals.

Ingenta (formerly Carl UnCover)
You do not need to subscribe in order to search the abstracts and citations.

The Library's specialized subject reference departments can often help track down a citation for a certain subject or journal. The Library also provides reference over the telephone 617-536-5400 and electronically.

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